Learn how to say I love you in Thai to impress your date.

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So, you are in Thailand for the first time. Or maybe you have visited a few times.

Chances are that you have started liking Thai girls for their beauty, charm and friendliness.

So, you head out to a bar or a club looking for lovely Thai girls but you don’t know how to approach them or tell them that you are interested.

You might want to tell one that you like her. Maybe even tell her that you love her after a few dates.

Well, before you do, and now that we've covered the basic Thai words and phrases you must know, you should learn some love phrases and pick up lines in Thai that will help you in the long run.

Once you have mastered these, then we recommend using the L word (which we will also teach you how to say).

Compliment Girls in Thai

Before you profess your love for a Thai girl in a bar or a club, especially if it is one of The PIMP models, it might be a good idea to give her some compliments first.

Lay the foundation with some sweet talk, otherwise you may come off a bit creepy.

Here are some nice and sweet phrases you can use on any Thai girl to catch their attention.

How are you? - Sabai dii mai? (สบายดีไหม?)

You are so beautiful – khun suay mak (คุณสวยมาก)

You are cute – khun na rak (คุณน่ารัก)

You have beautiful eyes – khun mii duang taa thîi suay (คุณมีดวงตาที่สวย)

I like your smile – choob roy yim khong khun (ชอบรอยยิ้มของคุณ)

You look so sexy – khun duu sexy mak (คุณดูเซ็กซี่มาก)

You are an angel – khun khuu nangfa (คุณคือนางฟ้า)

I miss you – phom khidthung khun (ผมคิดถึงคุณ) – a simple but good one to let her know you’re thinking of her

Darling / honey / babe / dear – theerak (ที่รัก) you can use this word to call her in a sweet and lovey-dovey way and it all means the same.

hot Thai bikini model on a table at The PIMP Bangkok VIP club

Thai Pickup Lines To Flirt With Thai Girls

Now that you have seduced them with Thai compliments, it is time for the next move.

How you proceed really depends on your game and style.

Do you want to get straight to the point or flirt a little more?

Here are some things you can say in Thai to help you.

Did you come alone? - khun maa khon deow le (คุณมาคนเดียวเหรอ)

Are you single? - khun sod mai (คุณโสดไหม?)

What do you like to do? – khun choob tham arai? (คุณชอบทำอะไร)

Do you want to drink something? - khun yak duum arai mai (คุณอยากดื่มอะไรไหม)

Can I buy you a drink? – khoh suu khrung dum hai khn dai mai? (ฉันขอซื้อเครื่องดื่มให้คุณได้ไหม)

Can I have your phone number/Line ID? - khor ber thor / Line ID dai mai khap? (ขอเบอร์โทร/ไลน์ไอดีได้มั้ยคะ?)

Do you want to have dinner with me? - khun yaak than aahaan yen kab phom mai? (คุณอยากทานอาหารเย็นกับฉันไหม)

Would you like to dance with me? - khun yaak ten ram khap phom mai? (คุณอยากเต้นรำกับฉันไหม)

What are you doing after work? – Khun tham arai lang lurrk ngan (คุณทำอะไรหลังเลิกงาน?)

Can I kiss you? - chab chub khun dai mai? (ฉับจูบคุณได้ไหม?)

I would love to see you again – yaak hen khun ik khrang (ฉันอยากเห็นคุณอีกครั้ง)

Now if you are sure that the girl is really into you, use these Thai phrases to get her back to your place.

Do you want to watch a movie at my place? – khun yaak du naang thi baan phom mai? (คุณอยากไปดูหนังที่บ้านฉันไหม)

Do you want to come to my room? - khun yaak maa thi hong phom mai? (คุณอยากมาที่ห้องฉันไหม)

Want to come back to my place for some hot…passionate…coffee? - dtông gaan têe jà glàp maa têe sà-tăan têe kŏng chăn săm-ràp …… .. gaa-fae (ต้องการที่จะกลับมาที่สถานที่ของฉันสำหรับ...กาแฟ?)

I want to sleep with you - chăn yàak têe jà làp non gàp kun (ฉันอยากที่จะหลับนอนกับคุณ )

How are you Thai flirting skills?

Read our guide to learn more tips.

How To Say “I like you” in Thai?

Love is a strong word. And it shouldn’t be thrown around to easily if you want it to retain is power.

So why not trying saying “I like you” first.

It’s simple:

I like you - phom choob khun (ฉันชอบคุณ)

You can even drop the pronoun I (phom) and in some cases you can even substitute you (khun) with the name of the girl.

So, it would be something like:

Choob Ploy – it may sound weird but Thais actually use it a lot and it sounds cute to them.

How To Say “I love you” in Thai?

Now when your feelings have gotten stronger and you know your Thai girlfriend is ready to hear it, you can move on to the I love you part.

I love you - phom rak khun (ผมรักคุณ)

The word for love is rak (รัก), so similar to I like you, it would be “phom rak khun” or simply Rak Ploy (or whatever her name is).

It really depends on if you want to be formal or informal with the girl.

To take it to the next level, you can also say lung rak khun khaew laew (หลงรักคุณเข้าแล้ว), which means you are madly in love with her.

That should really catch her attention!

By the way, if you want to know if she feels the same way about you, check our post on the top signs that show a Thai girl likes you.

Thai pimp girls making love signs with their hands

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Special note: Thai language is extremely tonal so it might be difficult to get the words right but if the context is there, they will most likely understand you and appreciate the effort. So don’t worry too much about it. Give it your best!

Learn more about dating Thai girls with our best dating tips.

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