Celebrating 10 years in Business as Thailand's Most Famous Club for Adult Nightlife.

Founded in 2011, The PIMP Exclusive Club has grown from a small pub to a world-famous party club.
More than 800,000 fans follow our party updates and live broadcasts on Facebook.

The club is now one of Bangkok's best nightclub and the N°1 Gentlemen Club in the city. 

So what made The PIMP so famous? 

First, The PIMP is your home away from home (yes, yours).

A safe-haven where you can break from the everyday madness and enjoy the finest things in life for a night (or more). 

Second is, of course, the notorious PIMP Girls, the hottest party models in Thailand. 

Every single night, The PIMP is home to hundreds of the most beautiful Thai models you've ever seen. 

And boy, those girls love to party and have a reputation for getting wild. 

Our models will provide you with a real GF (girlfriend) experience. Their attitude and stunning shapes make heads turn.

Third, world-class entertainment.

The PIMP offers the best club experience and adult entertainment in Thailand.

The club has Live Bands and top DJs every night. And our special themed nights and erotic live shows will get your heart pumping. 

Forth, you've got the quality of service.
At The PIMP, we make it our priority to provide the best service to all our guests.

We know you come to relax and blow some steam. So our team is attentive to all your needs assuring the best experience possible. 

Last but not least is The PIMP family. 

You enter the club as a guest; you leave it as a part of our family. Over the years, The PIMP has become a family for people of all walks of life worldwide.

And unlike some of the other gentleman's clubs in Bangkok, this club does not force you to open a membership. Guests are welcome!

So the club an ideal choice for tourists or business guys in town for only a few days. You and your friends can open a bottle of premium liquor for only 4,000 THB, including free mixers. 

In the end, The PIMP always has been and always will be about good times with great people.

In conclusion, we are here to help you celebrate the most memorable moments in your life and to make every night special.

And remember, what happens inside The PIMP, stays inside The PIMP. Your secrets are safe with us. 

Years after years, we stay true to our mission.

We give men what they deserve: The best girls. The best entertainment. The best service. 

Our commitment to excellence received thousands of positive reviews on all major platforms:  

Thank you all for your positive reviews, and making us the best gentlemen club in Thailand. 

And whether you're a regular member or guest, we look forward to serving you (again).


  • 2009
    Inspired by luxury hostess bars in China, an American marketing professional renovates an old shophouse building on Sukhumvit 40 in Shanghai Chic style, calling it The Bank.
  • 2010
    The Bank staff creates "Dream Pool Party," the 1st major pool party in Bangkok with 300+ Bikini Models.
  • 2011
    With a lease running out in Sukhumvit, the management takes over the Glass Home, a world-famous coyote club in the 1990s. They renovate the building and pick a bold brand name: The PIMP!
  • 2012
    The Bank's land is finally sold to a new owner and has to close.  All staff move for The PIMP just 4 km north on Pracha Uthid Road.
  • 2013
    The PIMP made noise in the market with CATS models,  sexy shows, and theme cosplay parties. The club experienced exponential growth, quickly becoming the Hottest Gentlemen's club in Bangkok. 
  • 2014
    The PIMP gains 300,000 fans on Facebook and creates the 1st "Wet & Wild Songkran" Pool Party.
  • 2015
    The PIMP creates the "Miss PIMP Bikini Contest" with 100,000 THB in prizes for the girls.
  • 2016
    The club celebrates its 5th PIMP Anniversary, and the brand reaches 500,000 fans on Facebook.
  • 2017
    The club opens a new wing building with six extra VIP rooms to handle the demand.
  • 2020
    The PIMP withstands the COVID crisis and opens the PIMP Pool Zone to include a new Party Resort.
  • 2021
    The PIMP embraces 10th Year in business and prepares for a new era.
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