Party With The Hottest Thai Models

Meet and party with over 200 sexy Thai models any night of the week!
young Thai bikini model at The PIMP Bangkok chilling at a table


Enter The PIMP and find more than 200 hot single models ready to party with you.

See them dancing on the floor, invite them to drink at your table, play drinking games, and have gone crazy.

Just like you would do in a regular nightclub.

Except that at The PIMP, you're guaranteed to see gorgeous Thai women every night of the week and to have the pleasure to party with them.
nice blond Thai girl looking into the camera at The PIMP Bangkok in Thailand


The PIMP models are the top entertainers and party companions.

Watch them on stage perform choreographed dances, kinky shows, and unique-themed acts.

Invite our sexy Thai models to your table or your VIP room to have a drink and party with you.

Be ready for some shots and a wild party because they're not only beautiful; they're also crazy fun.
cute Thai model in a pink bikini at The PIMP Bangkok club in Thailand


Because The PIMP Cats are not like other Thai hotties you will meet online or in bars.

Of course, they also have the physical attributes it takes to be among the top Thai models.

Most of them are famous and posed for magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim, FHM, and more,

Be ready for the best night of your life with The PIMP models.
Don't Just Take our Word For It, Have a Look for Yourself

Looking For The Most Beautiful Girls In Bangkok?

Come party with Thailand's sexiest team at The PIMP Bangkok.

Your search for the most beautiful Thai models is over!

How Does it Work?

  • 1

    Come to The PIMP to watch the shows.
  • 2
    Tell your VIP host which girls you like and invite them to your table, sofa, or private room.
  • 3
    Let the drinks flow and go wild!
beautiful Thai girls in sexy maid costume a private KTV room at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen's club in Thailand
Way More Than Beautiful Models

Our girls are not just any girls, they are luxury Thai models.

The type of woman men dream of.

They are super sexy Thai women, who love to have fun, and who love to go crazy.

We can guarantee you'll have a fantastic night in the ultimate Thai gentlemen club with The PIMP Cats.

At The PIMP, unlike in gogo bars, you don't pay for ladies' drinks.

You pay for the girl's time with you.We have 4 different types of girls that you can recognize by their outfits.

different types of Thai girls working at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen's club

Prices for girls are as follow :

The girls share your bottle, so you don't have to worry about buying them lots of cocktails or extra stuff.

Open bottles and let the alcohol flow.

For more information on our party models and liquor package options, check out our menu page.

Or get in touch and send us a message.

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How Many Models Are At The PIMP?

You can meet more than 200 sexy Thai models at The PIMP every night of the week.

Does The PIMP Really Have The Hottest Models In Thailand?

Absolutely. But don't take our word for it. Have a look at our photos and videos. Or come see for yourself.

Do The Girls Dance On stage?

At The PIMP, the girls do more than dance. They perform.

Expect to see choreographed performances, sexy shows, sensual dances, and more.

The PIMP show models set the standard for adult entertainment in the city of angels.

How Would You Describe The PIMP Models?

Sexy, cute, hot, fabulous, attractive, sensual, provocative, and gorgeous appearance.

It's hard to put words on how beautiful our PIMP Cats are, or what you're about to experience when partying with them.

Let's just say our models define sexy Thai style which is a step up from the Thai women living in any Asian country you visit.

Do The Models Drink?

You bet. Be ready to drink shots with them.

Are The Models Naked?

According to laws in Thailand it is prohibited for the models to be naked in public areas.

But anything can happen in the VIP rooms.

Can I Touch The Party Models?

All the girls are friendly and will give you something close to what we call a "girlfriend" experience.

It's common to see girls come to you and put their arms around you and kiss you within five minutes if they feel comfortable.

But one disclaimer.

We are not a brothel, and prostitution is illegal in Thailand.

We are a gentlemen's club, so everything is up to the girls, and please respect them.

With that said, Thai girls are typically known to be promiscuous and want to continue the party after work with men.

The best advice we can give you is to go with the flow and at the right moment; simply ask the girl what she is comfortable with and what she's not.

What Happens With The Models In The VIP Rooms?

The models are paid to entertain the guests.

They will drink, party, dance and sing with you.

For everything else, that's between you and what the girl feels comfortable doing.

Can You Send Models To My Place?

We don't send any models outside of the club, and we don't provide escort services.

But you can come to the club, meet the models, and ask the one(s) you like to keep the party going at your place after the club close.

Then it's up to the girl(s) to go with you or not.

What are you waiting for?

You are only a message away from enjoying the best gentlemen’s club experience in Thailand and share an incredible night with The PIMP Cats.

Thank you!
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