Meet and Drink with Over 200 Hot Sexy Thai Girls


Enter the PIMP and find more than 200 Thai girls ready to party with you.

See them dancing on stage, invite them to drink at your table, play drinking games, and have gone crazy.  Just like you would do in a regular nightclub.

Except that at the PIMP, you're guaranteed to find gorgeous Thai girls every night of the week.


The PIMP girls are the ultimate entertainers and party companions.

Watch them on stage perform choreographed dances, kinky shows, and unique themed acts.

Invite them to your table or your VIP room to share drinks and party with you.

Be ready for some shots and a wild party because they're not only beautiful; they're also crazy fun.


Because the PIMP models are not like other Thai girls you will meet online or in bars.

Of course, they also have the physical attributes it takes to be called models.

Most of them even posed for magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim, FHM...

Be ready for the best night of your life with hot Thai babes.
Don't Just Take our Word For It, Have a Look for Yourself

Looking for the Most Beautiful Girls in Bangkok?

Come party with Thailand's Sexiest Team at the PIMP Bangkok.

Your search is over!

How Does it Work?

  • 1
    Come to the PIMP to watch the shows.
  • 2
    Tell the mamasan which girls you like and invite them to your VIP table or private room.
  • 3
    Let the drinks flow and go wild!
beautiful Thai girls standing by the pool table in a KTV room of the PIMP Bangkok
Way More than Pretty and Cute Thai Girls

Unlike in a gogo bar, at the PIMP, you don't pay for ladies drinks; you pay for the girl's time with you.

Price starts at 1,500 THB per girl for the first hour (2,100 THB for models) and then 300 THB for every 30 minutes (members price).

The girls share your bottle, so you don't have to worry about buying them lots of cocktails or extra stuff. Open bottles and let the alcohol flow.

We have 4 different types of girls that you can recognize by their outfits.

Prices for girls are as follow :

The prices above are for non-members. When you buy a liquor package, in addition to saving money on bottles, you also unlock the member pricing for girls and save about 30% on lady drinks.

Liquor packages start at 20,000 THB.  The "membership benefits" are valid as long as you have bottles left at the club or up to a maximum of 12 months.  

And you don't finish the full bottle, no worries. We will have it ready for you in-store the next time you come.

And remember, mixers are always free at the Pimp. So bring all your friend to share your bottle and enjoy a VIP party with Bangkok's best party girls.

For more information on girls and bottle package options, check out our menu page.

Or get in touch and send us a message.

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How many girls are at the PIMP?

You can find more than 200 gorgeous Thai girls at the PIMP.

Does the PIMP really have the hottest girls in Thailand?

Absolutely. But don't take our word for it.  Have a look at our photos and videos. Or come see by yourself.

Do the girls dance on stage?

At the PIMP, the girls do more than dancing on stage. They perform.

Expect to see choreographed performances, sexy shows, sensual dances… The PIMP show models set the standard for adult entertainment in the city of angels.

How much is a lady drink, and what is it?

Lady drinks are not "real drinks." They are "coin" to help the girls make commissions.

Basically, you are paying for a girl's time to party with you, either in the pub or in VIP rooms. The price is the same, and since the girls are running time with you, she will stay at your table.

This run-time system costs about 1,500 THB for the first hour, then 300 THB for every 30 minutes after that. (members price)

How would you describe the PIMP Cats?

Sexy, cute, gorgeous, hot, fabulous, attractive, sensual, provocative… it's hard to put words on how beautiful those Thai girls are or what you're about to experience when partying with them.

Do the girls drink?

You bet. Be ready for shots.

Can I touch the girls?

Most girls are friendly and give you a "girlfriend" experience. It's not unusual to see girls come to you and put their arms around a new customer and kiss them within five minutes if they feel comfortable.

But one disclaimer. We are not a brothel, and prostitution is illegal in Thailand. We are a gentlemen's club, so everything is up to the girls, and please respect them.

With that said, Thai girls are typically known to be promiscuous and want to continue the party after work.

The best advice we can give you is to go with the flow and are the right time; simply ask the girl what she is comfortable with and what she's not.

What are you waiting for?

You are only a message away from enjoying the best gentlemen’s club experience in Thailand and share an incredible night with the PIMP Cats.

Or at least, come watch the most beautiful Thai girls in Bangkok on stage.

And when you feel like it, invite them to your table, and share a genuine moment in good company.

Thank you!
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The PIMP's beautiful Thai party models, also known as The PIMP Cats, are the best VIP girls in Bangkok and will always bring the party to you.
Over the years, we've built a fantastic team of gorgeous Thai girls who are more than sexy and cute faces. The PIMP's selection is strict, and we pick only the most beautiful to join the club.

Often, girls you can meet at the club are young students, young graduates. Almost all the girls at the PIMP are part-time or full-time models, working with sexy Thai online magazines like Cup E, Playboy, Maxim, Penthouse, or FHM.

Others are pretties you can find at motor shows across Asia or hostesses at Thailand's biggest events and festivals.

Most importantly, all our girls love to party and get intimate with our guests. You will not find shy girls are the PIMP. Find young pretty Asian girls with the most beautiful bodies and audacious personalities.

And if you've never been with Thai women before, rest assure they are the sexiest and cutest Asian girls you will ever meet.