What Is The Cost To Party At The PIMP?

At The PIMP, guys spend on average between 5,000 and 15,000 THB ($150 - 500 USD ) per night for the ultimate party experience in Thailand.

While our pricing format is similar to other gentlemen's clubs in Asia, it is NOT required to have a membership at The PIMP.

We are NOT a member's only club.

But we do have a minimum spend for non-members:
- 3,000 THB per person for VIP tables or at the bar
- 7,500 to 12,500 THB per sofa*
- 10,000 to 30,000 THB per VIP / Party rooms*

* Minimum spend for food and beverages.

How Does It Work?

We run a bill for your table, and the total cost depends on the number of girls that join your table, the type of VIP room (optional), the food and drinks you order, and the party's length.

If you have budget limitations, let us know when you arrive at the club.

A VIP Host will be assigned to your group to help you stay on track.

You only pay for what you order, so the final charge is in your control.

The sections below show the prices for liquor, VIP rooms, and girls, as well as provide some examples of the total cost of a typical party.

Liquor Prices

Here are the options for liquor:

Cocktails & Beer - We have a bar with a limited selection of long drinks and beers available.

Bottles- Bottles start at 4,500 THB. We offer scotch, brandy, vodka, red and sparkling wine,  Champagne, and just about every top-shelf brand. You can order bottle by bottle with no commitment.

Check out our complete Bottle Menu.

Liquor Packages - Liquor packages start at 20,000 THB.

They provide the best deal, saving approximately 30% off the bottle price with the benefit of being able to leave your bottles in the club for up to 12 months.

And there's no minimum spend for members.

Check out our complete list of Liquor Packages.

Girls Price

At The PIMP you pay for the girls' company and time.

In Asia, they call this "running time" or "run drinks" for the girls. 

The price of each type of girl depends on the dress code.

2,000 THB
1,000 THB
3,000 THB
1,000 THB
3,000 THB
1,000 THB
3,000 THB
1,000 THB
different types of Thai girls working at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen's club

VIP Rooms & Sofa Prices

Here's a summary:

Small Sofa
No Charge
2 Girls
Stage Sofa
No Charge
3 Girls
Harem Sofa
No Charge
4 Girls
Small Room
2,500 THB
2 Girls
Medium Room
3,500 THB
4 Girls
Large Room
4,500 THB
5 Girls
Small Party Room
7,500  THB
6 Girls
Large Party Room
9,000  THB
8 Girls

Party Packages

The club offers a variety of packages to suit all types of groups and budgets. 

Our packages include liquor, tables, sofas, or private rooms, girls, and special shows. 

These give you an idea of the club's total cost for The PIMP Experience.

Cost Examples

Thai model in leather bikini in a VIP room of The PIMP Bangkok


  • 1 Bottle: 4,500 THB
    No girls required
  • 1 Bikini Model: 4,000 THB
    2 Hours
  • Host Fees: 1,000 THB
    VIP Host Service
TOTAL: 9,500 THB
Thai bikini models on stage of The PIMP Bangkok


  • Liquor Package (4 bottles): 20,000 THB
  • 4 Bikini Girls: 16,000 THB
    2 hours
  • Host Fees: 1,000 THB
    VIP Host Service
TOTAL: 37,000 THB
Thai girls in leather costume in a VIP room at The PIMP Bangkok


  • Liquor Package (4 bottles) : 20,000 THB
  • 10 Bikini Models: 40,000 THB
    2 hours
  • Large Party Room: 9,000 THB
  • Host Fees: 1,000 THB
    VIP Host Service
TOTAL: 70,000 THB

Our club name will NOT appear on your credit card bills. We will be listed as "PBK."

All prices are in Thai baht. They are net, including VAT taxes. 

There are no service charges added to your bill and tipping is at your discretion.

We do our best to be as transparent as possible, but if anything is unclear, don't hesitate to contact us at any time.


How much is the entrance fee?

There is no entrance fee to enter The PIMP. However, we have a minimum spend of 3,000 THB per person for people at the bar and at VIP tables, and a minimum spend for sofas and VIP rooms.

Do I have to take girls to my table?

No, you don't need to have girls at your table if you book a regular table in the Live Zone. But there is a minimum number of girls required for sofas and VIP rooms (see above).

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