Is a gentlemen club for members only? Is it the same as a strip club? Learn about the history of traditional gentlemen clubs and what it means today.

As the number one gentlemen club in Bangkok, it's pretty easy for us to give you an accurate definition of a "Gentlemen Club."

You will be thrilled to learn how much the industry has developed through the years and what you can now get in Bangkok.

Higher quality girls and world-class entertainment and amenities, at a fraction of the cost you have to pay in other parts of the world if you could even find it.

But before we reveal the "diamond" of Bangkok nightlife and let you in on a "little secret," we need to start with a bit of history.

Traditional Gentlemen's Clubs (The Origins)

Set up in the 18th Century by the upper-class in Britain, traditional gentlemen's clubs were private social clubs where "men of influence" would meet to discuss business and make deals.

These private clubs were for Men and Members Only. 

gentlemen club Savile

Facilities at these clubs, typically located in historical buildings, often included a formal dining room, bar, library, and parlors for gaming and other social activities.

The clubs were a "second home" where men could relax, get a good meal, and meet others that share the same moral code. 

Traditional Gentlemen's Clubs grew in popularity throughout the 20th Century in all major developed countries, including the United States, Canada, India, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

In Thailand, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club is the most prestigious Gentleman's club still active today.

And it's interesting to note that entertainment and live music performances are not a feature at these traditional gentlemen's clubs.

An American Innovation: "Strip Club" for Gentlemen

Striptease refers to a dance where a sexy woman slowly removes her clothing.

And the fully nude erotic shows started in Paris at the Crazy Horse Saloon.

old photograph of Crazy Horse in Paris

After World War II, veterans returning to America imported these styles of European dance.

They created strip clubs all across the USA, mostly in nightclubs and bars. And many of the bars were low-end joints known for "peep shows" and frequented by prostitutes.

However, in the 1990s, entertainment entrepreneurs, funded by organized crime and bustling drug trade, started to create upscale "gentleman's clubs" in large cities like New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas. 

The largest clubs were posh, costing millions of dollars to build. They included immaculate interiors, great bars, plus Member's only access zones, with some clubs having private rooms open all night.

So the modern clubs catered to the same needs as traditional members-only clubs built a hundred years earlier.

There was a place for men to meet business associates, this time not to read or discuss politics, but to close deals and enjoy the company of erotic dancers. 

The focus of attention was the beautiful entertainers (models, not prostitutes) called "strippers" that would typically perform nude for their clients.

These erotic dancers became part of pop culture during the 1990s. Hit movies from Hollywood, such as Striptease, starring Demi Moore, helped launch an adult industry worth USD 8.3 Billion in the US in 2021

There are now exclusive high-end Gentlemen "Strip Clubs" in all major cities worldwide including Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, Montreal, and Prague.

The Modern-Day Gentlemen Club

The new format Gentlemen's club has become so famous that any time someone searches online for "strip club,” search engines answer with a list of the best "gentlemen club" around them.

strip club sign

So you can now say that the term "gentlemen club" today means "strip club." 

But wait, you might be asking:

Is The Pimp the same as the Gentlemen "Strip Clubs" in America? 
And do the girls at The Pimp "Strip"? 

The answer will astonish you, so please read on.

Gentlemen Clubs in Thailand: Building on Tradition with a Sexy Twist

In Thailand, gentlemen clubs are different from what you will find in other parts of the world.

First, public nudity is against the law in Thailand.

Thai girls are shy, so it's difficult to find "strippers" performing on stage in Bangkok.

Thai girls at a Gentlemen club in Bangkok

Therefore, gentlemen's clubs in Bangkok are more like a VIP nightclub you might find in Vegas or London.

They have an exclusive lounge where you can listen to the best live music, see amazing dance shows, and party with beautiful girls. 

The models working in a gentlemen's club are arranged for you by the club's management.

Clubs like The Pimp have hundreds of girls waiting for your arrival every night.

You select the girl of your choice, and then the club charge for the girl using a "Run Drink" system similar to Karaoke bars in Japan and China.

In other words, you pay for the girls' time with you.

The girls working at these Gentlemen Clubs are much better looking than you can find at girly bars or in red-light districts around Bangkok.

Most are young, fair skin, in perfect shape, and outgoing. They speak decent English, appreciate the best things in life, have passports, and love to travel.

In Thailand, you get what you pay for, and these lounge girls are entertainers, knowing exactly how to energize the party.

They sing songs, dance, get drunk, and provide a real "girlfriend experience," taking you back to your university days. 

All Gentlemen's clubs in Bangkok have both pub zones with live bands and private VIP rooms complete with KTV and high-end sound systems. 

And we have to tell you a little secret: 

The VIP rooms are where the magic happens!

Because in private, everything is possible, even with Thai girls. 

And if you have fun and play your cards right, all cultural barriers drop, and girls will eventually strip and go wild.

The VIP rooms at Bangkok's Gentlemen clubs create an ultimate party experience, perhaps only available in Thailand.

So, that's why we call The PIMP a Gentlemen Club. 

The PIMP is a safe-haven for guys to relax, spend quality time with their friends, and party with some of Bangkok's hottest girls.

The PIMP is an adult club where men can come to unwind and catch a break from all the madness they have to deal with in their lives.

It's a place where men can put their troubles aside and enjoy the company of beautiful ladies.

Because at the end of the day, even the strongest man is just a man.

And we all need a break once in a while.

Never Been to a Gentlemen Club?

Read our guide for your first time at The PIMP and have a look at our FAQ to find the answer to most of your questions.

And of course, if you still have questions, please feel free to message us anytime.

All questions are welcome.

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