Never been to a gentlemen club before? Don't know what to expect from a night at The PIMP? Here is everything there is to know before your first time with us.

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Never been to The PIMP? Or to a gentlemen's club?

No worries.

Let us guide you through the different steps of your first night with us.

Here's how it works, what you can expect, and how to make the most of your time at the club.

1. Getting in the Club

The PIMP Exclusive club sign and host

There are 2 options to get into The PIMP :

  • Get a liquor package (recommended) : buy a package of bottles for 20,000 THB (up to 8 bottles, or only 2,500 THB per bottle!) or more. It's clearly the best value for money if you want to save money on drinks.
  • Get a bottle : individual bottles start at 5,000 THB.

You can also come for a drink, but with have a minimum spending of 3,000 THB per person for non-members.

Now that you're part of The PIMP family, let's get the party started.

2. Chose Between The Live Zone And A VIP Room

You have 2 options to party at The PIMP, get a VIP table or a sofa in the live zone area, or get a VIP room.

2.1 Getting A Table Or A Sofa In The Live Zone

Thai girls partying at a VIP table in a gentlemen club

Every table in the live zone is close to the stage, offering a nice view of the shows and performers, and have enough space to invite party models to join you.

There is minimum spend of 3,000 THB per person (for non-members), but no minimum of girls required.

Then you've got sofas.

They come with a large area to seat, and have a nice sofa to chill with your friends and the models.

They do have a minimum spending for non-members, and a minimum number of girls required (2 for a small sofa, 3 for a stage sofa, and 4 for a large sofa).

Choose between a table and a sofa, follow the VIP host to your seats, wait for the waiter to bring your bottle(s).

When you're served and ready to party, your VIP host will bring you the girls available.

Choose the girls you want to party with (more on that below), and enjoy your night.

2.2 Getting a Private Room

Thai girls in a private room at the PIMP

At the end of the day, nothing in Bangkok compares to the experience you will get in a private room at The PIMP.

They are the best ways to enjoy the famous PIMP experience, and that's where things get wild.

The club has a total of 17 private rooms of different sizes.

The capacity range from 2 to 150 people and available features can include a private pool table, a private DJ, a hot tub, a shower on stage for shows…

The thing they all have in common is a karaoke system with over 50,000 songs, a large TV, a computer connected to internet to stream your favorite videos, and a private waiter.

Every private room has a price for the night, and a different minimum of girls is required.

You can book a private room online on the website or contact the club directly to make your booking.

All features and prices for the different private rooms are listed here.

3. Choose The Models Who Will Party With You

Thai models participating in Miss PIMP contest

Whether you choose a table or a private room, your VIP Host will bring the girls available to you when you're ready.

Unlike in a gogo bar, at The PIMP you don't pay for ladies drinks, you pay for the girl's time.

We have 4 types of girls at The PIMP:

  • PR Girls
  • Dancers
  • Bikini Girls
  • Models

Each with different outfits.

The price varies per type of girl but starts at 2,000 THB for the first hour, and 1,000 THB for every additional hour.

Once the VIP host brings the girls available to you, all you have to do is pick the ones you want to party with.

If you have special requirements (girls that speak English, only girls over 25, only models…) share them with your VIP host so she can recommend the right ones for you.

Pick the girls you like and get wild.

There's no better club in Bangkok to pick up girls.

For more details about the price, check the price page or send us a message to get a quote.

4. Go Wild

From then, let the alcohol flow and let the girls get the party started.

Thai girl drinking straight from the jug

All you need to know is that gentlemen's clubs is not a brothel or a soapy massage.

The girls don't offer any sexual service or a short time.

Of course, act like a gentleman with the girls and the staff, and if you have any questions about what you can or can't do, ask the girls or the VIP hosts.

They will tell you what's off-limits and what's fine.

5. Check Your Bill

One last thing before you go, let us add a quick note about the prices and billing system.

First, all our prices are net and include VAT and service charge.

No extra charges.

The price you see on the menu is what you pay.

Tipping is always appreciated but is at your own discretion.

Of course, at any moment during the night, you can ask the waiter or your VIP host to check where your bill stands.

You can also set a budget in advance and ask the VIP host to notify you when you reach the amount you set.

This way you can decide if you want to stop there or spend more.

Finally, keep in mind that we value privacy more than anything else.

That's why the name of the club will never appear on your credit card statement.

Nobody will know you came at the club unless you want them to know.

If you're curious to know how much a typical night at The PIMP cost, check the price page or send us a message to get a free quote.

Enjoy Your First Night At The PIMP

Thai models at a VIP table in the PIMP club

We hope that helps you understand how The PIMP works and what you can expect at the club.

If you have any questions, send us a message here or on social media.

You can easily find us on Line, Facebook, Whatsapp, and WeChat.

We're always here to answer all your questions and help you arrange the best parties.

And if it's your first time in a gentlemen club, read this post:

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