Find your favorite brands of scotch, cognac, bourbon, vodka, and more at the PIMP. Standard bottles range in price from 4,000-6,500 THB.

We offer a hot deal on J.W. Black label. Get 6 bottles of 1L size for just 20,000 THB (or as low as 3,333 THB per bottle for some brands),  valid for 12 months.

Liquor packages come with members benefits (access to private rooms, lower costs on girls). All bottles also come with free ice and mixers.

Check out some of the bottle packages in the photos.


Our in-house chef prepares delicious Thai food the girls love, so make sure ask them for suggestions.

 And if you’re hungry late night, we got you covered.

Our fried snacks go great with whiskey!


You know what goes well together ?

Girls, Alcohol, and SUSHI!  

The Pimp has a full time Japanese chef ready to make delicious fresh fish for extra power at night.

Ask about our Sushi Dinner Package... Served ON the girl!


We have four type of ladies to choose to join your party: PR, Bikini Coyote, Dancers and Pimp® CAT Models (pictured above)

The cost of Lady Drinks is 350 THB for Non-Members, and 300 THB for Members.

For full details on the cost for the girls, see our pricing Page.

All prices are listed in Thai Baht "NET", including VAT and taxes. No service charge added. Tipping is at your discretion.

Thank you!
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