If you're new to the scene or tired of looking for the best gogo bars in Bangkok, here is why you might want to upgrade your expectations and try a Gentlemen club for your next night out.

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So what to look for to the best go go bars in Bangkok?

Well, just like ladies in Bangkok, not every bar is Bangkok is created equal.

To help you understand what to expect, let's first cover the history and describe the different types of venues: Go Go Bar vs. a Bar for Gentleman

Bangkok Gogo History

Go Go bars in Bangkok grew up during during Vietnam war, a style taken from Western strip joints.

Slim, barely dressed, sometimes naked, gogo girls moving slow motion on stage.

Watching themselves in the glass mirrors stuck to concrete walls, hanging on to cheap poles that only tend to get in the way of the girls dancing.

Most go go bars small places, with inadequate lighting and very loud music, normally from a Thai dance DJ playing songs that only the Thai girls know.

Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza are just a few of the tourist friendly red light districts you find many go go bar girls.

Some say the go go bars on these famous red light streets have the best go go bars in Bangkok.

But this is only because they never heard the higher end version, a Gentleman's Club.

Higher Class Option for Gentleman

In Las Vegas, New York, or London, Gentleman Club is mens club with exotic dancers.

Gentleman's clubs do everything a strip club does but better.

And it works the say way in Bangkok.

A Gentleman Club in Bangkok does everything an a go bar does but better.

Gentleman clubs are high end adult entertainment clubs with a better overall experience with much more beautiful women.

Okay so let's get into the details and compare each type of venue based on Ambiance, service, girls, entertainment, shows, price, and privacy…

Luxurious Ambiance

When you're walking into a Gogo Bar, you never know what you're gonna get. 

How attractive are the go go dancers? Are they dancing or just standing there? What kind of music they play? Do they have shows?

It's a gamble every time, and you can get the best ambiance and service, or the worst.

It is quite the opposite of a Gentlemen Club.

Every night, you've got performers, shows on stage, live bands, and more girls than you can count on and off a very large stage.

Bottle Service

Go go bars are bars. The bars are in a low class red light district with many girls working on the principle of turnover.

Thanks means it's more about stopping at a bar, buy drinks for a few ladies, and moving on to the next bar.

And then at a few bars, you might spot a stunning beauty and "bar fine" them back home.

But the night just started and you can't think of leaving the boys,

Gentlemen clubs are more like fine wine. You talk time to smell the aroma and sip it.

The places are also frequented by wealthy businessmen who understand the meaning of luxury, and expect a VIP red carpet to be rolled out for their arrival.

The service is first class, and resembles what you're gonna find in any top VIP nightclub in Bangkok.

Of course, there's bottle service with top shelf liquor, waiters and waitresses attentive to your needs, and even food.

Because yes, most every high end establishments in Thailand has a full menu including Thai, Western and Japanese.

Beautiful Girls

Girls in go go bars are sometimes beautiful and friendly, and other times they're quite the opposite.

Same as for the ambiance, you never know what you're gonna get.

Gentlemen clubs put more effort into the girls they select.

Girls are younger, in shape, and are given everything they need to dress the part.

Most importantly, the clubs make sure that all the girls got the right attitude and that they love to party.

Walk into The PIMP, and you'll be greeted by nothing but smiles.

And once you get girls at join your party, you're in for a fun time, with outgoing girls that are there to go crazy with you.

Live Entertainment

In go go bars, the entertainment is pretty limited.

You've got a DJ playing, go go girls on stage moving by the pole, and maybe one a few shows or choreography during the night.

But a gentlemen club you know you're going to get a wide range of shows and performances during the night.

DJs, live bands, MCs, dancers, erotic shows, and special outfits for girls on themed  nights.

The momasans to help host your party can arrange a sexy Nurse roleplay night, French maid night, Sexy cowgirl or whatever type cosplay that turns you on.

Those clubs offer world-class entertainment and a VIP experience ever night of the week.

Complete Privacy

Privacy in go go bars is essentially non-existent.

There are thousands of people at Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

They streets are noisy and dirty, and you might bump into just about anyone, including your boss.

On the other side, every gentlemen club in Bangkok is an independent self contained structure.

A large building with private rooms, where you can party with the girls and your mate.

That's not all, you even have the possibility to enjoy what's going on stage, and privacy at the same time.


For example, at The PIMP, we've got Harem Sofas in the pub zone with a sheer curtain that you can close when you want privacy.

This way, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the pub, party with sexy girls, and have privacy at the same time.

Reasonable Price

Now let's talk about the biggest misconception:

Are gentlemen clubs more expensive than go go bars?

Gentlemen clubs are not far from go go bars in terms of price, and the value you get is incomparable.

In a go go bar, entrance is free, you pay for your drinks (between 150 to 300 THB on average), and you buy the girls "ladies drinks" to get them to spend time with you.

At a Gentlemen Club, you get bottle service, with bottles as cheap as 3,000 THB when you take a package.

Then, instead of buying a girl drinks, you pay for her time.

At The PIMP for example, the price for each girl starts at 1,500 THB for the first hour, then 300 THB for every 30 minutes after that.

No more girls drinking their tequila shots in 5 minutes to rush back on stage or to another table.

It is more like having party companions to have fun with you at a club rather than just buying drinks for a bunch of girls.

And if you want privacy, rooms start at only 2,500 THB for the night.

And that's half of the price of a bottle of top nightclub around Bangkok.

Oh, and gentlemen clubs are transparent about their prices. Ours are listed here.

Gogo Bars vs Gentlemen Clubs: Which one is for you ?

private party room at the PIMP Bangkok

Gogo bars have their good sides too, but when you want the guarantee to find hot girls and to have a great night, a Gentlemen Club is by default the best option.

You don't even need to break the bank for that.

Getting a few bottles, party models, and a VIP sofa will cost you about the same as any high-end nightclub in Bangkok and close to what you would pay in a go go bar.

Don't take our word for it, come see by yourself and contact us to get a free quote if you want to compare the cost.

Now, if at the end of the day you decide a gogo bar is the best option for you, don't forget to read Bangkok Nightlife's list of the best gogo bars in Bangkok. They detail everything there is to know to have the best experience and tell you where to go.

Thank you!
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