Enjoy the best erotic shows in Bangkok at the PIMP Bangkok. Watch the hottest Thai girls in Bangkok performing in front of your eyes either on stage or in your private room.

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Most people come to Bangkok with an open mind, eager to try new experiences.

And with Bangkok's reputation for offering shows unlike anything you can find anywhere else in the world, guys in particular often take it as an opportunity to try and discover new things.

That's especially true when it comes to erotic and sexy shows.

Forget about ping pong shows and other seedy sex shows.

Bangkok has more sensual and hypnotizing options for you.

Watch Erotic Shows Live at The PIMP

erotic show in Bangkok at the PIMP

The PIMP is the number venue for adult entertainment and sexy shows in Bangkok.

It also has the best live erotic performances you can see in Thailand.

On select nights, the models take over the stage in their sexy outfits, revealing their beautiful shapes and skin for a hot show like you've never seen before.

In front of the whole club they tease each other and the audience, make the temperature rise and slowly build up the tension in the room.

In their bustier, latex costume, or lingerie exposing their beautiful body, they give you a show so hot you won't be able to take your eyes off them.

That's one thing to see it in video.

That's a different experience when you're sitting just a few meters from them.

The best thing about it?

You get to party with the girls who were on stage performing after they're done with the show.

So come to The PIMP to enjoy the most mesmerizing adult shows in Bangkok and party with the most beautiful girls in the city.

What About a Private Erotic Show?

the PIMP hub Thai models

The live zone doesn't have erotic shows every night, but The PIMP can arrange private sexy shows on request for our guests on any given night.

When you book your private room, add a note asking for an erotic show, and we will send you a list of options available.

But please give us a few days notice to help us arrange things in the best conditions.

And if you have any particular requests about sexy or erotic shows, or you need a special surprise for a bachelor party or a birthday, let us know; we can arrange it too.

Erotic shows are only one of the many types of shows and performances we have at The PIMP.

Check our list of events and performances to see what's coming next.

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