What's your favorite sexy cosplay?

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Party with sexy Thai girls dressed up as the characters of your favorite video game, movie or series.

For over a decade, we've had the most beautiful Thai girls wearing the sexiest costumes for our various events and theme parties.

That means we have a lot of costumes and cosplay for our models to wear.

Avengers, Suicide Squad, Superwomen, Pokemon, Street Fighter, and many more.

See how sexy our models are when they put on their cosplay.

Meet The Sexiest Cosplay Girls

Thai girls with costumes and body paint cosplay as marvel heroes on stage of The PIMP Bangkoka

At The PIMP, no matter what we do, we always go all out.

No matter what kind of theme night and event we come up with, we can guarantee you that the girls' outfits or lingerie will be irresistible.

When we host a cosplay party, for example, we always make sure that the girls have the most exciting costumes to show off their beautiful shapes and make it hard to keep your eyes off them.

As always, we're here to make all your fantasies come true.

And if a Thai cosplay girl is one of them, you're served.

Your Favorite Thai Girls Dressed As Your Favorite Characters

sexy Thai models with Captain America cosplays on stage of The PIMP Bangkok for their Avengers party

You don't have to wait for us to host a cosplay party to see our sexy Thai models dressed as your favorite character.

Book a private room at the club, tell us what your favorite game, anime, show or movie is, and we'll tell you what costumes we have available.

And if there's a costume you really want and we don't have it yet, we can even make it especially for you (if you give us enough time, of course).

Contact us today for more information.

Party With Thai Cosplayers At The PIMP

sexy Thai girls in superwoman cosplay at The PIMP Bangkok in Thailand

Come to The PIMP for our next cosplay party or organize your own cosplay party with Thailand's hottest models in your private VIP room.

Follow us on Facebook to be notified of our upcoming events, or send us a message to book your VIP room now.


Can The Models Dress Up With Any Cosplay?

Yes, if you give us enough time to prepare, the girls can dress up with any cosplay you want. At The PIMP we always go do everything we can to make your fantasies come true.

When Is The Next Cosplay Party At The PIMP?

We host different themed parties every Friday. To find out if the next event will feature cosplay girls, follow us on Facebook.

More Photos of Thai Cosplay Girls

Here are more photos of Thai cosplay girls for your pleasure.

You're welcome to join us.

beautiful Thai girl in super woman cosplay with body paint at The PIMP Bangkok
Thai girls in blue bikini as Street Fighter cosplay at The PIMP Bangkok
Street Fighter party at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen's club with Thai girls in cosplay
cute Thai girl in superwoman cosplay at The PIMP Bangkok
cute Thai model in sexy super woman cosplay showing a thumb up at a nightclub in Bangkok
sexy Thai girl cosplay of Thanos with body paint at The PIMP Bangkok in Thailand
The PIMP models in cosplay of captain america with a light in their and and a cape
Thai model at The PIMP in super sexy super woman cosplay holding down her g string
sexy Thai girl cosplay of Thor with black lingerie and red cape on stage of The PIMP Bangkok
two sexy Thai girls dancing on stage of The PIMP Bangkok in avengars cosplayk
sexy Thai model in captain avenger cosplay on stage of The PIMP gentlemen club in Thailand
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