Enjoy the best live music and live bands at the PIMP every night from 9 PM. With Thai and international singers and bands playing each night, the PIMP is...

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You love live music?

So do we.

That's why at The PIMP Bangkok we have no less than 3 live bands playing every night from 9 pm.

There’s no Better Place for Live Music in Bangkok

live singers on stage at the PIMP Bangkok

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a gentlemen club, but The PIMP is actually one of the biggest live music venues in Bangkok.

Each night, three of the best live bands in Thailand take over the club's stage to perform covers of the top international and Thai hits as well as their own songs.

No matter if you're into rock, pop, acoustic, folk, or any other genre of music, we can guarantee we have live bands you're going to like.

Come enjoy the show, get a bottle, a few girls at your table, maybe even some Thai food or sushi, and appreciate the best live music in Bangkok.

You can even request songs if you want to.

The Best Live Bands in Bangkok

live guitarist on stage at the PIMP Bangkok

The PIMP has been home to some of the best Thai live bands in the country.

Over the years, the club had live concerts of :

Pang Nakarin, Sek Loso Aof Pongsak Lamyai, Da Endorphine, ModernDogg, JJetrin, Ben Chalatit, Ae Jirakorn, Slot Machine, MILD, Getsunova, Clash, Tono…

Just to name a few. And the list goes on and on.

To make sure you don't miss our next live concert and you get a chance to see your favorite live band, like our Facebook page and click on our event page to see all our upcoming concerts.

And don't forget to book a table when you see a band you like is coming because the club is always fully booked for live concerts.

Stream the Bands Live

You can't make it tonight?

No worries.

Go to our Youtube channel and subscribe to see live streamings and replays of every live performance we have at the club.

That's hours and hours of live music, for free, no matter where you are.

Live Music and Sexy Hostesses

Thai singer and sexy dancers at the PIMP Bangkok

Do you know what is better than great live music?

Listening to great live music while drinking with sexy girls.

Those are 2 things you can find at The PIMP every night of the week.

With 200+ sexy young Thai girls, we are the number one venue for those looking for excellent live music and amazing live entertainment.

Get a Live Band for your Private Party

Thai rock band playing at The PIMP in Bangkok

After years of working with live bands from all over Thailand, we pretty much know them all.

That means when you plan your private party at The PIMP, we'll have no trouble finding the perfect live band for your event.

That's true for events we're holding at The PIMP or private parties we help you organize outside of the club.

Message us to talk about it.

And After the Live Music is Over?

Thai singer and erotic shows in Bangkok at the PIMP

The party doesn't stop when the live bands are done.

The club keeps going until late with DJs and live sexy shows.

And you can always move to a private room for a karaoke night with your friend and party models until late.

Your call.

Thank you!
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