Learn all the basic Thai words and phrases you need to survive in Thailand.

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While most foreigners and travelers in Thailand can make do with hand gestures and using Google translate for every single word, it is useful to know some basic Thai words and phrases for effective communication.

Whether it is to go shopping, make friends, plan a private party or impress a Thai girl you like, we’ve compiled some great phrases that will really help you along your journey through Thailand.

Must Know Basic Thai Words and Phrases

Let’s start with basic words that you can use anywhere.

These are very important greetings and introductory phrases that can be used no matter where you go in the country.


Hello – sawadee (สวัสดี)

Thank you – khop khun ka/khup (ขอขอบคุณ) -

Men say khup at the end of a phrase, while women will use ka

How are you? – sabai dii mai? (คุณสบายดีไหม)

How old are you? – khun aa yuu thao rai? (คุณอายุเท่าไร?)

I am XX years old – chan/phom aa yuu 30 pii (ฉันอายุ 30 ปี )

Phom is I for men, and chan is for women

What’s your name? – khun chuu arai? (คุณชื่ออะไร?)

My name is… - chuu… (- ชื่อ …)

Where is your home? – baan khun yuu thin ai? (บ้านคุณอยู่ที่ไหน?)

Where are you from? – khun maa jak thi nai? (คุณมาจากที่ไหน?)

I’m from “Country” – Ma jak … (ผมมาจาก…)

Australia – Australia (ออสเตรเลีย)

China – Prathet Chin (จีน)

USA – Saharat America (สหรัฐอเมริกา)

England – Angkrit (อังกฤษ)

Singapore – Singapore (สิงคโปร์)

France - Farangces (ฝรั่งเศส)

Japan - Yi phun (ญี่ปุ่น)

Sorry - khortoat (ฉันขอโทษ)

No worries / no problem – mai thong huang / mai mi panha (ไม่ต้องห่วง / ไม่มีปัญหา)

Goodbye – la khon (ลาก่อน)

See you next time – je kan khrao na (เจอกันคราวหน้า)


Thai Numbers

You can use these numbers for shopping and understanding prices obviously but they are also suitable for drinking games, asking for phone numbers, learning a girl's age (or telling yours) and so much more. 

It is really useful and essential in communicating with Thais.

How much is it? – thaow rai? (เท่าไร?)

1 to 10 – nung, song, saam, sii, haa, hok, jhet, paed, khao, sip (หนึ่ง, สอง, สาม, สี่, ห้า, หก, เจ็ด, แปด, เก้า, สิบ)

20 – yi sip (ยี่สิบ)

30 to 90 -  saam sip, sii sip, haa sip, hok sip and so on. (สามสิบ, สี่สิบ, ห้าสิบ, หกสิบ…)

100 – nung roy (ร้อย)

1,000 – nung phan (หนึ่งพัน)

10,000 – muun (หมื่น)

100,000 – saen (แสน)

1,000,000 – laan (ล้าน)

Speaking to Thai girls

Now let us get to the good part – speaking to women in Thailand.

Although more and more Thai girls are able to speak English, it helps knowing some Thai to impress them.

They will definitely feel more comfortable with you, it will get you plenty of smiles, and probably more.

You are beautiful – khun suay mak (คุณช่างงดงาม)

You are cute – khun na rak (คุณน่ารัก)

You have beautiful eyes – khun mii daa thi suay (คุณมีดวงตาที่สวย)

You have beautiful smile – khun mii yum suay mak (คุณมีรอยยิ้มที่สวยงาม)

You look sexy - khun duu seksee (คุณดูเซ็กซี่)

I like you – chob khun (add mak if you really like her) (ฉันชอบคุณ)

I miss you – khidthung khun (ผมคิดถึงคุณ)

If you want to learn more phrases such as I love you or how to compliment girls further, check out our post on how to say I love you in Thai.

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Basic Phrases to Date Thai Girls

Let’s take it to the next level with a few advanced but basic phrases if you are interested in dating in Thailand.

Do you want to be my girlfriend? – khun yaak pen faen phom mai? (Faen is the word for gf/bf) (คุณอยากเป็นแฟนฉันไหม)

What are you doing tonight? – khun ja tham arai khuun ni? (คุณจะทำอะไรคืนนี้?)

Would you like to go on a date? – khun yaak pai deth duay lan mai? (คุณต้องการที่จะไปเดท?)

Do you want to come with me? – khun yaak maa kap phom mai? (คุณอยากมากับฉันไหม)

What is your Line ID? – Line ID khong khun arai khup? - Or less formally – mii Line ID mai? And if she says yes, ask “Line ID arai?” (ไลน์ไอดีของคุณคืออะไร?)

I want to see you again – phom yaak ja kuun ik khrang (ฉันอยากเจอคุณอีกครั้ง)

Do you want to come to my room? maa thi hong phom mai? - คุณอยากมาที่ห้องฉันไหม

You make me happy – khum tam hai phom mii kwaam suk (คุณทำให้ฉันมีความสุข)

I want to be with you – yaak yuu gap khun (ฉันอยากอยู่กับคุณ)

Speaking Thai is one of the many things that will make it easier to date local girls.

Read our top 8 Thai dating tips for more suggestions.

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Thai Phrases for a Party 

Thais love to party and you’ll have a great time partying everywhere in the country.

But as you attend local parties, speaking a bit of Thai will make your experience way better.

So here are a few Thai phrases to use at a party. They are quite simple but super effective.

Let’s party! – chad bpaa-dtii kan thuux (มาปาร์ตี้กันเถอะ)

Thais use the word party also but say it in a Thai accent by elongating the end to sound like bpaartii. Google translate will help you with the tone.

Let’s dance – ma ten kan thuux (มาเต้นกันเถอะ)

Cheers – chon kaew (ชนแก้ว)

Bottoms up – mod kaew (หมดแก้ว)

Are you drunk – mao yang? (เมายัง?)

I am drunk (very) – chan/phom mao (maak) (ฉันเมา)

What do you want to drink? – yaak duum arai? (คุณต้องการดื่มอะไร)

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Now that you have learned a few phrases, it is time to put them to good use.

There’s no language barrier that Google translate, some body language and a bit of confidence can’t overcome.

Come on over to The PIMP to practice your Thai. And if you really want to get a chance to learn more Thai, book a private room for a sexy Thai lesson with The PIMP naughty Thai teachers.

That is surely an exciting way to learn a new language!

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