Use this list to find out if she really likes you.

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Whether you meet a Thai girl at The PIMP, on a dating app or in a bar, there are signs that don't lie.

So if you've just met a Thai girl and you're not sure if she likes you or not, here are 7 clear signals to tell you if a Thai woman likes you.

She Looks At You A Lot

sexy Thai model in lingerie bitting her finger while looking at the camera on stage at The PIMP Bangkok

They say "eyes don't lie."

We couldn't agree more.

If a girl is constantly looking at you no matter where you are in the room, that's a sign that something is going on.

If you're at The PIMP and a girl you like is constantly looking at you from across the club, you should invite her to your table for a chance to learn more about her.

She Asks A Lot Of Questions

two young cute Thai girls from The PIMP gentlemen club looking straight into the camera

Now you're talking and partying with this girl and she's really curious about you.

She starts asking you many personal questions.

She wants to know where you're from, what you do in life, how long you stay in Thailand, if you have a girlfriend, and many other questions.

If a Thai girl keeps asking questions about you, this is good news.

It's another clear signal that she's into you, especially if she asks you questions about your family, past relationships, and romantic life.

She Touches You (A Lot)

two hot Thai models touching each other in a sensual way at The PIMP Bangkok

It usually takes Thai ladies some time before they feel comfortable touching a man.

This is also true for models and hostesses. They may be outgoing and have strong personalities, but physical contact is something that usually takes time.

So if she gets closer and starts touching you, that's a really good sign.

The more promiscuous she gets, the more likely you are to have a chance.

Thai people are warm and friendly, so don't be shy.

It can be as simple as putting her hand on your shoulder when she laughs or hugging you when you leave.

These signs don't lie. No matter how small they are.

She Gets Jealous When Other Girls Approach You

jealous Thai girl at The PIMP Bangkok touching her hair and looking downi

This is not only true for many Thai girls but for most all ladies around the world.

If she gets sad or upset when you talk to another girl, it's a really good sign.

It proves that she cares about you and that she would prefer you talk to her instead of the other girl.

At this point, play your card right, and you could have a Thai girlfriend before you know it.

She Talks About Her Long Term Plans

young Thai bride in sexy lingerie during a show on stage at The PIMP club in Bangkok Thailand

When a girl shares her personal goals or dreams, about what she wants in life, she often also need to know what you think about it.

She wants to know if you have the same interests, if your plans are compatible, and if you could possibly have a future together.

And when she ask about your long-term life goals after talking about hers, she's clearly trying to figure out if you're a good fit for her.

That's another excellent sign that things are going well and you may have mastered Thai culture.

She's interested and you might soon have a Thai girl that loves you.

You better learn to say I love you in Thai pretty fast now and maybe even start to think about putting a ring on her.

She Wants to See You Again

sexy Thai girls in lingerie and with bunny ears on their head at a gentlemen club in Bangkok

If you're partying with a Thai girl and at the end of the night, if she's having a good time and says she wants to see you again, you should take the opportunity to plan another date right away.

It's an opportunity that may not come around again, so please pay attention.

Seize the moment immediately.

Get her Line ID or schedule another date right away.

She Wants to Spend More Time With You

hot young Thai girl taking off her bustier while looking at the camera

If you've seen a girl a few times and she always finds a reason to see you again, it's clear she likes you.

Thai girls are just like all ladies from around the world

They love to go out, go shopping, travel and spend time with their friends.

If she invites you to come along, when she does, bring her a small gift and you've won her heart.

It's time to make things official and you will finally understand why Thai girls are the best girlfriends.

Does She Really Like You?

two sexy Thai girls in panties giving a naughty look at the camera while people party around them

How many positive signs have you had?

If it's 3 or less, she's probably not that interested, or maybe she's busy.

Give her some space and wait a few days before dating or messaging her again.

If it's between 4 and 6, there's a really good chance that things are going well, and with some time, it could get serious.

If you have 7 positive signs, why are you reading this post?

Text her right away and suggest you get together tonight.

And if you don't have a date, and are still looking for the Thai girl of your dreams, come to The PIMP to meet over 200 sexy Thai models every night.

Come practice your game at the club.

Book your VIP table now.


What Are The Best Signs That A Thai Girl Likes You?

There are important signs that show that a Thai girl likes you.

She makes a lot of eye contact, she touches you a lot, she finds excuses to spend more time with you, and she talks about your future together.

If a Thai girl gives you these 4 signs, you can be sure that she really likes you.

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