When in doubt, always choose Thai women.

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There are many reasons to prefer Thai women over Western women, whether it’s because of their looks, their attitude, or both.

At The PIMP Bangkok, we have good reasons to love Thai women.

Our world revolves around them and even after a decade of being surrounded by the sexiest Thai women, we can’t get enough.

So let us tell you why you should date Thai women instead of Western women.

Thai Women Are Hotter Than Western Girls

four cute Thai girls in sexy dresses at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club

Overall, many men find Thai women much hotter than Western girls.

They have slim physique, super feminine looks, soft skin, beautiful traits, and their attitude makes them even more attractive and seductive.

On top of that, the young Thai generation is very into sports and gyms.

Gone are the days when women had a flat ass.

Today, most Thai women have a nice firm, and sometime big ass.

They often have their breasts enlarged at an early age too.

So they have all these nice curves now and don't have anything to envy to Latinas anymore.

Thai women are the hottest women in Asia and some would even say the entire world.

We definitely belong to the latter group.

Thai Women Are More Fun

cute Thai girl with large breasts at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club

Nobody has more fun in life than Thais, and especially Thai women.

The Thai smile isn’t only cultural, it also shows how happy Thais are as a population.

While foreign women may be pickier, often complaining and dwelling about everything that happens in their lives, Thai women are more about enjoying the little things in life and the simple pleasures.

Thai women also love to party. Maybe even more than you do.

Take The PIMP Cats as an example, and you’ll understand what we mean.

These girls love to party and have fun with their friends, and they know how to show everyone a good time.

Book a VIP table, come meet them, and you’ll get to experience how fun Thai women can be.

Thai Women Are More Positive

sexy Thai girl making heart hand sign at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club

This again speaks volumes about Thai culture and Buddhism.

Thai women appreciate the simple things in life and see the glass half full rather than half empty.

Thai women want to do good, feel good, and be treated well.

They want to enjoy every moment, laugh, dance, sing, party, and put less pressure on themselves and their partner than Western women do.

This is certainly part of the simple lifestyle that brings so many foreigners to Thailand and that makes Western men fall in love with Thai girls so easily.

Thai Women Are Wilder in The Bedroom

hot Thai girl in sexy lingerie at The PIMP Bangkok dancing sensually on stage

Have you ever had sex with a Thai woman?

If so, you sure remember it.

If not, chances are you can feel that something is missing in your life.

Thai women are often shy at first and it usually takes a while for them to feel comfortable with a man they just met.

But believe us, once you’ve gained her trust and she’s ready to go all the way, you will not regret the time you invested in dating her.

Thai women are very open with sex and are into pleasing their partner.

Having sex with a Thai woman is an experience in itself worth trying.

You’ll see when you get used to picking up Thai girls.

Your world is going to change big time.

Thai Women Take Better Care of Their Man

group of sexy Thai girls naked under their nurses costumes at The PIMP Bangkok

There’s no more caring girlfriend than a Thai girlfriend.

That’s why we listed it as one of the many reasons to have a Thai girlfriend.

You’ll hear men say that Thai women treat their boyfriend, or even date, like a king.

And we tend to agree with this statement.

Little attentions, smiles, surprises and gifts... a Thai woman will always do nice things for you to make your life that much better.

You really need to date a Thai woman to understand how good this is.

Thai Women Age Better

cute Thai girls in a retro outfit during an event at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club

Maybe you aren’t looking for a Thai wife and just want to have a fun time with your Thai girlfriend(s).

But if you fall in love with a girl here, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that Thai women age slower than women in the rest of the world.

Some say it’s because of their genes, lifestyle, diet, or the humid climate that hydrates their skin.

All we know is that Thai women in their 30s and sometimes 40s often look like they’re in their 20s.

And that’s a big difference from most Western women.

Thai Women Are More Family Oriented

beautiful asian women with a cute style

While Western women are increasingly career-oriented, most Thai women still put family first.

That’s how they were raised, and in Thai culture, there’s nothing more important than family.

You can be sure that she’ll raise good children and always put her family’s needs before her own.

That's why a lot of Western men want to meet Thai women to start a family.

However, never forget that this can put a lot of pressure on her.

So always show her how much you appreciate it and shower her with gifts every now and then.

Never take a Thai woman, or any woman, for granted.

Come To The PIMP To Meet Hot Thai Women

Thai models dressed a sexy french maids at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club

Now you know why you need more Thai women in your life.

Meet the hottest women in Thailand at The PIMP Bangkok.

Every night we have hundreds of single women who can’t wait to meet you.

Who knows what can happen after a few drinks?

You may end up with a new Thai girlfriend, or maybe even meet your future Thai wife.

Anything can happen at The PIMP.

Book your table or VIP room now.


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