The best place in Thailand to enjoy hundreds of sexy asses each night.

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There has never been a better time in history for fans of Thai booties.

Thai girls have been doing more squats than ever before, for our biggest pleasure.

Thai asses are now as sexy as they can be, and they make Thai women even hotter.

Give them the most beautiful lingerie or bikini, high heels, and get ready to be “ass hypnotized”.

Who Said Thai Girls Have Small Asses?

sexy Thai bikini girls showing their asses at The PIMP club in Bangkok

For a long time, Thai women had a reputation for having small breasts and flat asses.

As you can see on our Facebook page, in this post, or if you look at these Thai girls with big boobs, that’s not the case anymore.

These days a lot of Thai girls have generous bodies with beautiful curves.

Especially The PIMP Cats.

Get Surrounded By The Most Beautiful Thai Asses

Thai dancers in lack and white bikini twerking on stage of The PIMP Bangkok

Come to The PIMP, get a table in the pub area and you’ll be in the front row to enjoy the live bands playing, and of course, our hot Thai models dancing on stage.

Any night of the year, you can find more than two hundred beautiful Thai women moving their sexy asses on stage at The PIMP.

All ready to join your table for drinks, playing games, and more if you’re lucky.

Where else do you get the chance to not only watch, but also touch the most sexy Thai asses?

Get To See Sexy Thai Asses From Up Close

sexy Thai girl in red lingerie on stage of The PIMP Bangkok g club showing her beautiful ass

Want to have a closer look at our models' sexy booties and maybe enjoy a private dance?

Book a private room, pick your favorite party models, and everything becomes possible.

In the VIP rooms you can sit down on the couch, and let the girls give you a sexy show for your eyes only.

Bring all your friends, and enjoy the wildest private party in Thailand with The PIMP cats.

Nobody else’s watching.

That’s what makes it so special.

The PIMP is heaven on earth for boys.

Get Surrounded By Sexy Thai Asses At The PIMP

sexy Thai dancers in gold bikini on stage at The PIMP Bangkok in Thailand

Come to The PIMP any night and you’ll be surrounded by over 200 sexy Thai girls with beautiful asses.

Watch them walk all around the club in their bikini or lingerie, perform on stage, and invite them to your table to share some drinks.

And who knows what else will happen that night?

Follow us on Facebook to be notified of our upcoming events, or send us a message to book your VIP room now.

More Photos Of Sexy Thai Asses

Here are more photos of sexy Thai asses from The PIMP Cats for your pleasure.

You're welcome.

beautiful Thai girl in lingerie with her shirt off bouncing her Thai ass to the camera
sexy Thai ass in black lingerie on stage of The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen's club
dancer in lingerie showing her sexy Thai ass to the camera on stage of The PIMP Bangkok in Thailand
Thai model dancing on stage of The PIOMP Bangkok with her sexy ass in the air
gorgeous Thai model in lingerie and high heels putting her ass in the air on stage
Thai dancers bending their back and showing their ass to the camera at The PIMP Bangkok
Thai model in lingerie showing her butt on stage of The PIMP gentlemen's club in Bangkok
sexy Thai model in red lingerie for The PIMP Bangkok christmas party in Thailand
back of a Thai stripper in sexy white lingerie on stage of a nightclub in Bangkok Thailand
two Thai women showing their sexy ass in a vip room of The PIMP Bangkok exclusive club in Thailand
hot Thai women in a mini skirt and lingerie showing her round sexy butt in Thailand
The PIMP club Bangkok dancer showing her ass on stage during a sexy show in Thailand
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