What happens when you mix the 2 best things in the world, sushi and Thai girls?

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We all know that you can find some of the best sushi in Bangkok.

Now imagine eating these delicious sushi and sashimi off a beautiful naked woman.

At The PIMP we love to turn your dream and fantasies into a reality, and we do it also with the famous body sushi, better known as Nyotaimori.

Nyotaimori is an ancient Japanese art of serving food on nude women that is now more popular than ever, especially for bachelor parties or other sensually charged celebrations.

It has even made its way to The PIMP and naked sushi restaurants in the world where you can enjoy appetizing Japanese delicacies that are placed on one of our sexy models.

It has become one of our most popular services and you can guess why.

But how does it work?

We explain this entire tradition, its history, and what to expect when you book a body sushi with us.

What Is Nyotaimori?

japanese nyoataimori with sushi placed on a naked woman's body

Nyotaimori, also known as body sushi, is an ancient Japanese art that combines food and sensuality, which dates back to the 1600s or the Edo period.

It is the practice of eating sushi off a person, often from a naked woman.

Back then, Japanese warriors known as Samurais would often visit Geisha houses to enjoy Nyotaimori.

Now, Nyotaimori has spread throughout the world and it has become common for bachelor parties and other sexy celebrations to enjoy a bit of food off pretty naked girls.

As a woman lays naked on a table or any elevated platform, she acts as a plate with a serving of delicious Japanese food spread across her body.

Sometimes sushi is placed directly on the body while in other cases there are leaves placed in between the food and the body.

It is truly the ultimate dining experience, and a fun one.

Women can also enjoy this activity with a male individual as the sushi masterpiece.

The male version of Nyotaimori is called Nantaimori.

How Do You Eat Sushi Off A Woman?

body sushi performed by a Thai girl at The PIMP Bangkok

Sushi and sashimi are strategically placed on top of a woman’s body.

While mostly covering breasts and genitals, they also placed on shoulders, belly, and upper part of the legs.

Traditionally, the food is eaten with chopsticks but at The PIMP, we recommend avoiding using chopsticks to make things more interesting.

You have to grab and eat the sushi with your mouth.

It is not just more challenging but certainly more fun.

Our models also love the attention and the feeling of being eaten off.

It really is a recipe for food and pleasure.

To make the show more interesting, you can also play games with your friends during body sushi.

The most common is to pick for the next person which sushi they get to eat.

You get to call out “Shrimp Tempura on the belly” or “California Roll on the left breast”.

There are other similar games that you can play as well.

Ask our VIP hosts, they’ll have plenty of ideas to offer to spice things up.

All of it using just your mouth with hands on the side or behind your back.

Again, no touching or using chopsticks to make things more fun.

The Perfect Show For A Special Event

If you are having a bachelor party, birthday party, impressing a business client or any other celebration and need a unique fetish experience, Nyotaimori is a must try and a great way to surprise your guests.

Your dreams of having your very own sushi girl party in Bangkok can now become a reality.

In addition, we provide other services such as body shots and many others erotic shows.

Try The Ultimate Sushi Experience In Bangkok

Book your VIP room at The PIMP and we’ll organize an unforgettable Nyotaimori experience for you.

We have a talented in-house sushi chef and a lineup of exceptionally hot models for your sushi fantasies.

Contact us to book a Nyotaimori in Bangkok.

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