Party with the hottest KTV girls at The PIMP.

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Half of the reason to go to a KTV is the karaoke rooms, the other half is of course the KTV girls.

Gather your mates, book a private room, and party with these beautiful girls all night long.

KTV girls know how to get the party started and make the night exciting.

We can guarantee that when they’re with you in a KTV room, you’re in for a night you’re never going to forget.

Especially if you come to party with our KTV hostesses at The PIMP Bangkok

What Are KTV Girls?

karaoke girls in a VIP room at The PIMP Bangkok

In case you aren’t familiar with what a KTV is, let us give you a quick definition.

What we call KTV girls are hostesses working in karaoke bars, KTV bars, clubs and lounges, there to entertain customers.

They’re often young girls, sometimes from university, sometimes models, who work part time at these clubs to make extra money.

So even though they might be working in a KTV bar, they aren’t considered bar girls and are not to be confused with gogo girls.

We have a complete post explaining the key differences between bars girls and party models and KTV girls like we have at The PIMP.

Thai bikini models on stage at The PIMP Bangkok

And that’s super important because of their look, attitude, but also the experience you’ll have with them is so much better.

KTV girls are entertainers, paid to party, drink, dance, and play games with the customers.

And they know how to show everyone a good time.

What’s The Deal With KTV Girls?

KTV girls at The PIMP Bangkok

So how does it work when you go to a KTV?

When you go to a KTV (whether it's a bar, nightclub, or lounge), book a KTV room, and pick the KTV girls or models you want to party with.

The first step is to book a private room at a KTV.

For that if we use The PIMP as an example, we have KTV rooms of different sizes, all equipped with a large TV, a high-end sound system, and of course, a karaoke machine with tens of thousands of songs.

You can even use Youtube or connect your phone to the high-tech multimedia system to play your favorite songs and dance all night.

All VIP rooms at the club have their own entertainment lights and lasers system.

It’s like a small nightclub in there.

Walk in the room, have a look at the menu, order food and drinks, and then the girl’s manager (that we call mamasan in Thailand) will bring all the girls available to your room.

sexy hostesses at a KTV room in The PIMP Bangkok

In some clubs, like at The PIMP, different girls have different prices.

For example, at the club we have PR, dancers, and bikini models.

And each type of girl has a different price.

Choose with the help of the mamasan which karaoke girls you want to party with you.

Don’t hesitate to ask the mamasan for recommendations if you’re looking for something special in a girl.

She knows each girl personally and can recommend the perfect match for you.

Choose your KTV hostesses for the night, play your favorite song, grab a drink, and let the party begin.

KTV hostesses playing drinking games at The PIMP Bangkok KTV

From there what happens is between you and the girl.

You might be able to seduce them and take them home.

Anything can happen at The PIMP.

Where To Find The Hottest KTV Girls in Thailand?

sexy Thai KTV girls at The PIMP Bangkok

While you can find beautiful girls everywhere in Thailand, and that’s why we all love this country so much, the hottest ones are without a doubt at The PIMP.

Come to the club any night of the week and meet more than 200 single Thai karaoke girls.

The beauty of our models is how we made a name for ourselves as the best KTV club in Bangkok, Thailand, and ultimately, Asia.

Because we only choose the best for you.

Book your KTV room at The PIMP, the best KTV in Bangkok.

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Photos Of The PIMP Hot KTV Girls

You want to check how hot our KTV girls are before you come to Bangkok?

No worries, here are a few photos to convince you to come play with us.

Thai singer at The PIMP Bangkok
KTV hostess at The PMP Bangkok
cute KTV girl at The PIMP Bangkok
Thai smile KTV girl at The PIMP Bangkok
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