Looking for the best KTV in Bangkok? The PIMP Bangkok has 14 private KTV room, sexy KTV hostesses, and more than 50,000 songs available.

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Looking for a karaoke in Bangkok? One with awesome KTV rooms for a fun party?

Want to party with your friends, and enjoy the company of sexy hostesses while you drink and sing?

Then The PIMP is exactly what you need!

Your own Private KTV Bar with 100% Privacy

KTV room in Bangkok at the PIMP

Sing, party, and let loose in your own private KTV room in Bangkok.

With 14 private rooms that can fit between 2 to 30 guys, The PIMP is the best alternative to KTV bars and by far the most exclusive KTV in Bangkok.

All the private rooms at the club are equipped with an MBox Karaoke system, a cutting edge sound system, and a 55" flat screen smart TV.

All your favorite songs are there thanks to a selection of over 50,000 songs in Thai, Japanese, and English.

We can even arrange Chinese and Korean songs on request.

Ask for it when you book the room and we'll set it up for you.

And if you can't find your favorite songs, no worries. You can always access Youtube or use Bluetooth to connect your phone.

Every room also offers complete privacy and comes with a private waiter.

Some even have additional features like a pool table, a stage for shows, a private DJ, or even a hot tub and a pool.

So if you’re looking for a unique place for a karaoke in Bangkok, The PIMP will offer just that.

Pick your private room, bring your friends, choose sexy hostesses to join the party, and sing like nobody is watching.

Because nobody is.

The Sexiest Karaoke Hostesses in Bangkok

KTV hostesses at the PIMP Bangkok

Would it be the best KTV in Bangkok without the sexiest Thai girls as your hostesses?

Probably not.

Enjoy the company of The PIMP Cats, Bangkok's most beautiful Thai girls to sing along and party with you til late.

If you need help to get the party started or to play drinking games with you while your friends are singing, the party models are there for you.

With over 200 party models every night of the week, The PIMP is always the perfect choice for the wild karaoke night you're looking for.

The Best KTV in Bangkok for a Private Party

Thai girls dressed as sexy bridesmaid in a KTV room at The PIMP gentlemen club in Bangkok

Whether you're looking for a karaoke in Bangkok to celebrate a bachelor party, a birthday, or a wedding, we're here to help.

Fully equipped private rooms and sexy girls are not the only thing we can offer.

We have a team of party planners ready to work with you on making each party a memorable night for you and your friends.

Decoration, special shows, sexy performances, or even a hot Thai singer for a karaoke unlike any other.

You tell us what you want to make your party memorable and we make it happen.

Book your Private KTV Room now

Check the list of private KTV rooms available here, or click over here to make a booking.

The PIMP is the best KTV in Bangkok and is only 15 minutes from Thonglor and Sukhumvit.

And you can party in our private rooms til late. Later than most clubs and bars stay open.

So come party and forget about time.

Ready for a memorable karaoke night? 

Send us a message now.


Why choose The PIMP for a karaoke in Bangkok?

The PIMP Bangkok has everything you want for a perfect karaoke party in Bangkok. The club has private VIP KTV rooms, sexy hostesses, food, bottle service, and of course an incredible karaoke system loaded with tons of songs and connected to a wold class sound system.

How many songs have the karaoke system?

Our karaoke system has over 50,000 songs in Thai, English, and Japanese. We can also add songs in Korean and Chinese on request. And of course, you always have access to internet to find your favorite songs.

How much are KTV rooms at The PIMP?

Private KTV rooms at The PIMP start at 2,500 THB. Click here to see the full list of options and features.

What's the capacity of the KTV rooms?

The capacity of KTV rooms at The PIMP is from 2 to 200 people. Contact us to get more details

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