Why pick a Thai bar girl when you can get a PIMP sexy model?

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Why pick a bar girl when you can get a PIMP Cat?

If you are looking for Thai bar girls, you might want to think twice.

Thailand has the most charming ladies, so why settle for a bar girl when you can party with a gorgeous Thai woman instead?

And that's where The PIMP comes in.

Our girls are younger, hotter, more attractive and educated than Thai bar girls.


And if that doesn't sound good enough to convince you to party with over 200 gorgeous Thai models, let us tell you the main differences between a Thai bar girl and a Thai club model.

Appearance and Background

hot Thai models from a gentlemen club in Bangkok wearing white bikinis and cowboy hats

Let's start with the first thing you'll notice when you enter the venue: the girls' appearance.

Thai bar girls usually come from poorer regions of Thailand, often from Isaan.

Most of them have darker skin, barely have shapes, and you can see they don't make it their priority to stay fit.

Girls who work in bars often have tattoos too.

But not the pretty ones, more the kind of tattoos you get when you're drunk at the full moon party at 4am and regret almost immediately.

That's a solid contrast to the girls you find in gentlemen's clubs, especially at The PIMP.

Sexy Body & Beautiful Skin

sexy show on stage of The PIMP Bangkok performed by hot Thai modes in red bikinis

Our hostesses at The PIMP have lighter skin, are fit, have generous curves in all the right places and most of them even know how to move their bodies very well.

As you can see from the various shows we have throughout the night.

And they all have big smiles on their faces.

Something you don't often see in bar girls unless you give them a lot of money, of course.

That's the first big difference between Thai bar girls and the beautiful women working in gentlemen's clubs.

But it's far from the only one.


young Thai models from The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club in red and black bikinis

The age of girls in girly bars and gogo bars is somewhere between the 20s and late 30s, with some even older.

It varies significantly from one place to another, with bars in the most touristy areas having the younger girls and other joints in back alleys having mature women in their 30s and sometimes 40s.

This is a big difference from gentlemen's clubs.

For example, the average age at The PIMP is 24, with only a few girls in their early 30s.

Most of the ladies working in the club are fresh and pretty, often students from universities and business schools, pro models, pretties, as well as performers (dancers, singers...) and girls with office jobs.

A completely different demographic for a completely different experience.

Intelligence and Education

young Thai student at a KTV nightclub in Bangkok during a party

As we said in the first part, most bar girls come from poor regions of Thailand.

They come to work in nightlife in Bangkok (or Pattaya and Phuket) to earn money and often support their families.

Most of them have little or no education.

Thai bar girls are street smart and have various ways to trick the guys.

But conversation with a bar girl is often limited.

This is in contrast to a Thai girl who works as hostesses in a luxury club.

Again, most of the Thai women you can meet at The PIMP are university students, part-time or full-time models.

Some even have day jobs.

In most cases, they well educated and have interests beyond eating, sleeping, and drinking, and they can hold a conversation on pretty much any topic.

But at the same time, our Thai girls love to get wild and are always up for a party and will not want you to go back home.

And they make enough money at the club so the don't always have to ask for money.

You have the best of both worlds with these lovely Thai women.

So much so that you might even fall in love before you return to your home country.

Attitude and Party Spirit

Thai model smiling at The PIMP club in Bangkok Thailand

Finally, attitude is another big difference between a bar girl and party model.

In every beer bar and a gogo bar, these sexy Thai bar girls make most of their money from the lady drinks customers buy for them.

So they are really good at seducing foreign men and various way to convince them to buy a lady drink.

And once you do, they don't really care about you anymore.

Most bar girls in Thailand just wants to seduce other men to make more money.

Because that's how the system works in bars and that's how they feed their families.

It's pretty much the same in the bar girl scene in Pattaya, Koh Samui or any city you might go.

Single men looking for a prostitute and just want to bar fine Thailand bar girls or gogo dancers for short time sex.

But the girls at The PIMP don't have the same attitude as the majority of girls in Thailand.

hot Thai model smiling while she performs on stage of The PIMP nightclub in Bangkok

First, because we pay a lot of attention to the girls we choose.

We only hire girls who are smart, fun loving, and party animals.

Pretty girls who can give the guys a good time over and over again. 

We understand that you come to the club to have a relax, and we want you to feel like the girl drinking with you is your Thai girlfriend for the night.

Not a girl who is going to sit next to you asking you for a short time, at the same time she's looking at other men.

The other reason the Thai models in gentlemen's clubs don't have the same attitude is that they get paid for the time they spend with you.

The more fun you have, the longer you stay, the more the girls get paid. (see how our pricing system works).

And the girls know that the guys who visit the club can be very generous if they have a lot of fun.

So even it it's your first time, believe us when we say that these Thai girls will party hard all night.

And make sure you have the time of your life, so you come back for more.

Forget About Thai Bar Girls - Get A PIMP Model

hot Thai hostesses ready to party at the best nightclub in Bangkok The PIMP

Why settle for Bangkok bar girls when Thailand has the most charming women in the world?

Come fall in love with The PIMP Models

Visit a gentleman club and enjoy the company of the hottest and wildest party models in Thailand.

At The PIMP, you can meet over 200 single Thai models every night.

And if you are lucky, you might even ask one on date, start a relationship, and find your future Thai wife.

So book your VIP private room today and get ready for the craziest night of your life.

And if you are not yet familiar with the distinction between beer bars, gogo bars, and gentlemen clubs, read this post.

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