With all the crazy nightlife in Bangkok, many guys get tired of the bar scene and look for a pretty Thai University Girl.

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For Western guys looking for a bright and attractive Thai woman, we put together a few pointers to help them find the Thai girlfriend of their dreams.  

Cute University Students are Everywhere in Everyday Places

You don't need Thai dating sites to find a Sexy Thai women.

You can see many attractive and adorable Thai girls, literally, everywhere you go!

You can find pretty Thai student at your resort, at coffee shops, or on the BTS.  

The best way to catch their attention is to be friendly and smile.

Maybe you attempt to start a little discussion if you're able to.

It's really not rocket science to hook up with a good girls.

Try to learn a little Thai and venture out and try to chat up a few uni girls.

And within a few weeks, you will be dating a sexy Thai woman.

But here is the issue. Most Thai women are somewhat shy about speaking to a stranger.

They think that their English isn't good enough, and don't want to lose face or whatever.

Therefore, most Thai women normally will not speak to you.  

Note that if a Thai woman talks to you first, trust me, she's usually not a good Thai woman. She's a ladyboy!

One way to "break the ice" is to go to the same place every day: a supermarket, restaurant, or coffee shop, for example.   

If a girl recognizes you, she might be more comfortable speaking with you than the first day she saw you. The next step is to request her Facebook ID or Line ID. 

In this manner, there's a better chance because she doesn't feel pressured to respond with a"yes" or even "possibly."

Look for Thai University Students at Food Courts & Bookstore

An excellent way to meet girls is to hang out in food courts and bookstores at malls.

You might want to have the guts to speak to several Thai girls in precisely the exact same moment. 

But sitting at a table beside a bunch of Thai girls and asking them to assist you with the menu is a great start.

Thai people are friendly to love any opportunity to practice English. 

They'll grin and blush a whole lot, but frequently there's at least one woman from the team who will assist you.

Bookstores are also popular hangouts for girls. If you are in Bangkok, Kinokuniya in Siam Paragon is a great choice.

Always remember well-educated Thai girls from families are traditional. They do not speak to men, so better you approach them first.

Or you can save yourself the trouble and come directly to pick up Bangkok hottest girls at The PIMP.

Just sayin'.

Don't Expect to Find Good Girls at Bars & Clubs

The sexiest girls in Bangkok all party at night, so guys go to bars and clubs looking for the "trophy wife" for the night.   

But most hot girls are these places more interested in picking foreigners' pockets than in stealing their hearts.  

The booze kicks typically, we want to have fun and nature calls.  So we all succumb to paying a hooker for sex.

A bar is an excellent place to get laid, but where you can't wait to meet a good Thai girl.

Find Thai University Girls at Bangkok's Top Gentleman Clubs

If you have the budget want to explore Thai-style entertainment, consider visiting a top Gentleman club like The PIMP.   

The entertainment is at the clubs is another level, and of the models working at the club are similar.  

They are not prostitutes and are not required to go home with the clients.

Many of models working at the club are University Girls.

They at night and study during the day to pay their expenses get get through school.

So with over 200 girls standby every night, and 50% of those Thai university girls, a Gentleman club is perhaps the best way to be sure to meet a pretty cute Thai girl.

Most the girls work part time with if their schedule is clear, you can ask them for coffee, dinner later and develop a relationship.

Good News: Thai University Girls Prefer Strong Foreign Men!

Most Thai girls love western guys.  

They would love to be a bride and live happily ever after.  

They all saw the movie "Pretty Woman" and want a night a knight in shining armor to rescue them.

Thai guys are often believed to have many wives, and several still have a mistress or "mia-noi."   

For this reason, many Thai girls aren't as interested in marrying a Thai Guy. They want you!

And for more idea on why you should want Thai Girlfriend, check out our full report.

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