What type of Thai girl are you going to meet?

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When you come to Thailand to meet Thai girls, you will find different types of girls when you go out.

Especially if you spend a lot of time in bars and nightclubs.

To make it easy for those of you who aren’t not familiar with Thailand nightlife and its culture, here’s a short list of the 10 types of girls you’ll meet at night in Thailand.

Fashion Models

most famous Thai models in Thailand

It’s rare to see fashion models when you go out, but they’re by far the hottest girls you can meet in Thailand.

Models work for brands, do photo shoots, participate in beauty contests (and there are a lot of them in Thailand), shoot commercials, act, and more.

We’re not talking about Instagram models here (we call them Net Idols in Thailand, more on them below), but legit models who make a living only from their beauty and appearance.

These beautiful Thai women rarely drink or entertain clients in public, so you will not see them work as party girls in gentlemen’s clubs.

So the best places to meet them are high-end bars, nightclubs, and events.

But they’re usually hard to approach.

Party Girls

group of sexy party models in black clothes at The PIMP Bangkok in Thailand

Party girls include PR Pretty, bikini girls, show models, and dancers.

These sexy Thai girls work in a nightclubs like The PIMP, or perhaps hired by party planners like Party Bangkok for private events.

They’re beautiful Thai women who really know how to entertain their clients.

Party girls are hired by the clubs to drink, sing songs, dance, play games and more.

Their speciality is to simply party with guests at a venue, or for a special event.

This can be in a gentlemen’s club, like ours, or for private parties, like bachelor parties, birthdays, corporate parties, etc.

By the way, if you need party girls for your events, even if it's outside the club, we can help.

Contact us to get more information.

Party girls are younger, hotter and more educated than most bar girls.

And in fact, many of our girls are also models and net idols, or wannabe models.

They’re usually the perfect companions for a crazy night out in Thailand.

They’ll keep you entertained all night, and more if you’re lucky.

Bar Girls

cute Thai bar girls working in Bangkok

That’s all the girls you’ll find in girly bars, gogo bars, and sports bars.

In Bangkok, most of them are working in venues in Sukhumvit, Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy.

Bar girls often come from poor regions of Thailand (most commonly Isaan), have dark skin and tattoos and come to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket to work in bars.

Unlike party girls who often work in the industry for the lifestyle and for fun, most bar girls are there to make money to support their families.

It’s a bit of hit or miss with them, and that’s why they have a bad reputation in Thailand.

Some of them live a wild life with non-stop parties, drinking, and sex and are gold diggers who’ll do anything for money.

Always be careful when spending time with these girls.

Many of them aren’t genuine, they can be heartbreakers, or worst, scammers.

If you want to learn more about the main differences between bar girls and party models, we’ve made a detailed post about it.

Escorts, Call Girls, Hookers, Prostitutes…

Thai escorts online photo on their profile

It’s super easy to get laid in Thailand if you’re willing to pay for it.

Massage parlors, escort services, gogo bars, girly bars, and more.

Although prostitution is prohibited by law, there are a lot of escorts and hookers in Thailand.

And a lot of venues that are in reality brothels.

There are also many prostitutes and hookers on Thai dating sites (often on Tinder, ThaiFriendly, ThaiFlirting, etc...).

Now that Backpage is dead, there's even a growing trend in Thailand where sexy girls are listing their sexual services on websites such SidelineThailand, Jerkunmai and Fiwfans.

Finally, you can book escorts in Bangkok online via one of the many professional escort services that offer every option imaginable to fulfill your sexual fantasy.


sexy Thai freelancers at a nightclub in Thailand

Freelancers are like escorts, but they don’t work for an agency or a specific bar or club.

Many are sideline girls.

Girls who go to college or have a regular job, but occasionally get paid for sex to earn extra money.

It’s common to find freelancers online on Thai dating apps, sometimes on the street, but most of the time you’ll meet them in nightclubs.

Clubs like Bobo and Levels in Bangkok, iBar and Lucifer in Pattaya, and Illuzion and Sugar Club in Phuket are known to have many freelancers.

Massage Girls

Thai massage girls at a spa in Bangkok

A lot of massage parlors in Thailand offer more than traditional Thai massages.

You have soapy massages, happy ending massages, pretty spas, and other sex massage parlors where girls offer a wide range of services from blowjobs, to the famous full body to body massage, sometimes with multiple girls.

The quality of Thai massage girls varies a lot from one location to the other.

Cheap happy ending massage parlors can sometimes have only old dark skin Thai women, while high end soapy massage parlors, especially in Bangkok, are filled with young attractive Thai girls.

But for the most Thai experience, try Kapooclubs.

They are sexy massage parlors with pretties and net idols as masseuses.

Net Idols

three photos of popular Thai net idols

Net idols are the Asian version of influencers, Instagram models, and OnlyFans girls.

They’re young, pretty girls who use social media to build an audience and make money through various channels (brand deals, selling their own products, OnlyFans...).

These girls are usually super sexy and post a lot of hot content online.

And men, especially Asian men, are crazy about them.

Even though they spend most of their time online and it’s hard to meet them in real life, many often make special appearances and shows at gentlemen’s clubs (keep an eye on our Facebook page to see which Net Idol we’ll invite next), music festivals or other big events around the country.

You can find some of Thailand’s most popular net idols in our PIMP Awards section.

Pretties (Event Models)

Thai pretties at a motorshow in Thailand with big bikes

A pretty is a Thai girl who works as an event model at events, often wearing beautiful dresses or sexy outfits.

You often see these luxury models at motor shows, big music festivals, conferences, etc...

Many popular magazine models and net idols started out as "pretties" and used these jobs to make a name for themselves in the industry and get better opportunities.

Like party girls, event models sometimes work at private parties to entertain guests.

So it's also not rare to find pretties entertaining at events in villas, yacht parties, pool parties, and other events 

Message us if you want to hire pretties.

University Girls

cute Thai university girls in Thailand

We all love Thai university girls.

They tease us with photos and videos in their sexy uniforms and bold attitude.

They are the fantasy of many men around the world.

But a lot of guys ignore that many of them work in gentlemen’s clubs and bars to pay their tuition fees.

At The PIMP, for example, a large number of The PIMP Cats (our party models) are still students and work for us on the side.

And that’s just one type of extras Uni girls do.

Like Bangkok Nightlife explains it in this post, some college girls also work as sideline girls to earn extra money.

Finally, you also have a ton of college girls who go to the clubs on weekends and vacations to blow off some steam.

The clubs in RCA, Thonglor and Ekkamai (3 popular party streets in Bangkok) are known to have a lot of uni girls.

We have a complete post on where to meet Thai uni girls in Bangkok if you like these girls in particular.

Regular Girls / Office Girls

hot Thai girls at a nightclub in Bangkok Thailand

Not all girls you meet at night in Thailand are working girls or models.

There are many normal girls who love to have fun.

Office girls have regular jobs, such as receptionist, assistant, or waitress, and they go out with their friends in the evenings and on weekends.

They’re often more independent and liberated.

They earn their own money, so they don’t care as much about yours, and they don’t expect you to take care of them in any way.

And you’ll be surprised how wild Thai girls, even so-called “good girls”, can get when they go out.

Don’t assume that a girl who flirts with you at the club and is super naughty is a working girl.

She could just be a normal Thai girl who is looking for a handsome man like you.

What Type Of Thai Girl Makes A Good Girlfriend?

two sexy Thai girls in student clothes at The PIMP Bangkok

Any girl you meet in Thailand is potentially a good girlfriend. Even girls who work in a bar or club at night.

There are honest and sincere girls everywhere, and some bar girls or party models will have no problem changing their lifestyle if they love you.

Go out with an open mind and you’ll be amazed by how beautiful, funny and sincere most Thai girls are.

Many guys have found their girlfriend in bars and clubs in Thailand.

We even have lucky guys who met their Thai wife at The PIMP.

Now if you don’t want to get into a relationship or are just in Thailand for the holidays, you can also rent a girlfriend while you’re in the Kingdom.

We can help you with that as well.

Meet The Hottest Thai Girls At The PIMP

hot Thai dancers at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club in Thailand

There is no better than The PIMP to meet single girls in Thailand

Come to the club and party with the Thai hottest girls.

Every night we have over 200 girls to choose from. We can guarantee you’ll find one that catches your eye and you’ll instantly fall in love with.

But don’t forget to get there early to get the best girls.

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Are Thai Girls Easy?

Yes. Thai girls are generally pretty easy-going, although they can be shy at first. Once things get going, they’re the best lovers you can get.

Are All Thai Girls In Bars And Clubs Working Girls?

Not all. In some bars there are only working girls, in others there are none at all. In clubs, it’s often a mix, with some clubs having more freelancers than others.

How Much Cost A Thai Girl?

The price of Thai girls can range from free to a few thousand baht per day, depending on the type of girl and where you meet her. To give you an idea of what a Thai girl in a gentleman’s club costs, check out the prices of our party models.

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