Try the VIP version of the world-famous Full Moon Party.

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You don’t have to go to Koh Phangan island to celebrate the Full Moon Party.

The PIMP brings Southeast Asia’s biggest beach party to Bangkok and gives it a naughty twist.

Forget about Haad Rin beach, buckets of cheap booze and the sea of drunk people, because Bangkok is where you’ll find the hottest Full Moon Party in Thailand.

Enjoy buckets of premium whiskey, the most incredible fire shows and the best DJs in Thailand, top-notch adult entertainment and, of course, party all night with the hottest Thai bikini models covered in neon paint. 

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Here’s what you can expect from it.

The Hottest Full Moon Festival in Thailand

sexy dancers performing on stage of The PIMP Bangkok for their full moon party

The original Full Moon Party may be on Koh Phangan, but the best version of it is with us at The PIMP Bangkok.

Every year we organize a high-end version of the world-famous beach party here in Bangkok.

We don’t have a beach, but we do have a huge pool area, the best erotic shows, incredible live bands and Thailand’s best DJs to keep you entertained all night long.

Wear your beach attire or keep your suit.

There’s no dress code for The PIMP’s Full Moon Party, except for the girls.

And they have to wear their smallest bikinis. Or they can stay topless!

A VIP Full Moon Party in Bangkok

Thai party models partying at a VIP nightclub in Bangkok

The Full Moon Party at Haad Rin beach is popular with backpackers. Ours is for successful gentlemen like you.

Party with sexy Thai bikini models in the capital of Thailand.

Enjoy the performances of the best artists in the country (with fire shows, sexy shows, strippers...) and dance all night to the sound of popular live bands and DJs.

With our VIP service, large sofas, premium drinks and food options, everything is there to celebrate the full moon in the best conditions.

This Full Moon Party is only for VIPs and we can guarantee it’s going to be one you’ll never forget.

Add it to your bucket list now.

Organize Your Private Full Moon Party in Bangkok

hot Thai bikini model at The PIMP full moon party in Bangkok

Did you know you can organize your own Full Moon Party with us any night of the year?

Book a VIP room or rent our huge pool area, ask for a special full moon party and we’ll prepare all the props and the girls will be dressed for the occasion.

Fire shows, naked girls covered with neon body paint, the best DJs in Thailand and buckets of the best brands of whiskey.

Tell us how big your party is, how VIP and naughty you want it to be, if you want any special performances or shows, and we’ll organize the best Full Moon Party for you.

Contact us now to start planning your private party.

And if you’re not 100% convinced yet, wait until you see our girls.

Meet Thailand’s hottest party models, The PIMP Cats.

Choose The Hottest Bikini Models For Your Full Moon

hot Thai girls on stage at The PIMP full moon festival in Bangkok

Whether you come to our special Full Moon Party or organize your own private party at the club, we can guarantee that you’ll spend the night with the most beautiful bikini models in Asia.

With over 200 girls at the club every night, you will find the one (or more than one) that will make your night unforgettable.

Celebrate the Full Moon Party like a VIP, surrounded by a crowd of wild young girls exchanging buckets and kisses all night long.

You're never going to forget a night with Thailand's top party models.

Book Your Full Moon Party Today

pretty bikini model with big boobs at The PIMP Bangkok

Don’t miss the next Full Moon Party at The PIMP Bangkok!

Contact us now to reserve your VIP table or private room for our big Full Moon Party night.

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When Is The Next Full Moon Party At The PIMP?

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see when we’re organizing the next Full Moon Party in Bangkok. You can also contact us to organize a private full moon party in one of our VIP rooms. Message us now for more details.

What Happens At A Full Moon Party?

We can’t give away all the details about what happens at The PIMP ‘s Full Moon Party or we’ll get in trouble. Let’s just say it’s the wildest full moon party in the world. Message us now for more details.

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