If you want a Thai girlfriend, you will have to become familiar with the Thai culture.

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Some aspects of Thailand are quite different from the West, so you have to learn more about it if you want to succeed at dating Thai girls.

But if you follow these 10 points, when dating Thai beauties, everything will be more accessible and more fun.

5 Things You MUST Do When Dating Thai Girls

DO: Be Calm and Cool in Public

Thai men can be a bit of a mixed bag.

They're not always the most polite, but they're better than your average Western dude at managing their emotions.

If you want to date a Thai girl, you need to practice some of the most important aspects of Thai culture, self-control.

This includes being polite and using the correct language.

DO: Don't Lose Your Temper - Be Respectful

Many Western guys go around Thailand with Thai girlfriends yelling at the staff in shops, being rude to  managers, or complaining about bills.

So let's be very clear about this.

Thai girls are embarrassed to be seen with someone rude in public.

So it's essential to stay calm.

Do not lose your temper.

Southeast Asian culture values honor and dignity.

This means that the one who loses their composure in public will lose face or status.

On the other hand, those who maintain control are respected.

face of a white man with stream coming out of his ears

DO: Take Care Of The Bill And Be Kind

Thai girls usually expect the male to pay for everything on the first date.

Well, isn't it that way in every country?

Thailand is an affordable country, so don't act like you're short of cash.

Show that you can take care of her financially!

Go out to dinner with her, catch a movie or buy her a small gift.

Whatever you spend on her will be worth it - she'll love the gesture!

gifts wrapped in gold paper and covered with gold ribbons

DO: Be Kind To Her Family

If a Thai girl invites you to meet her family, then you're lucky.

It shows that she cares about you!

Thai girls often value families more than anything else – jobs, relationships, and even marriages.

You'll really win her heart even more if you're kind to her family and make time for them.

DO: Dress To Impress

Thai culture is all about appearances.

So it's important to dress to impress in Thailand because people will judge you based on what you wear.

When meeting someone new, they will make assumptions about your character or personality based on how you present yourself.

Looking good is a crucial part of any healthy relationship.

5 Things You Should NOT Do When Dating Thai Girls

DON'T: Pressure Thai Girls To Sleep With You

cute Thai girl wearing a shirt while laying down on a bed

No matter what most guys think, the average 'good Thai girl' never has sex on the 1st date.

In fact, most Thai girls don't sleep with a man until after they get married.

According to a recent survey, more than 50% of Thai girls were virgins on their wedding night.

So if you pressure your Thai girlfriend for sex, she will most likely dump you in the end.

You will look like you're trying too hard.

She's not interested.

That's a good point.😀

But believe us, it's worth waiting.

The sex is one of best thing about having a Thai girlfriend.

DON'T: Ask Thai Girls to Choose You Over Her Family

beautiful Thai girl with big breast cooking traditional Thai food

Thai women are very family-oriented, and they put their families first.

Her family is her number one priority, and she will make sure that her family always comes first.

You can only win the girl by loving her for who she really is, which includes caring about her family just as much as she does.

If you force her to decide, she will pick.

However, it’s probably not you that she will choose.

DON'T: Talk to Thai Girls About Money

man holding united dollar bills in his fingers

Thai girls don't like to hear a man talk about "money."

They think it's low class.

They see themselves as romantic and passionate people who want to be seen as someone special and want their man to take care of them.

So if a guy constantly brags about how much money he makes, she might seem interested at first.

But deep down, she's probably saying: "what a douchebag!"

Instead, be generous and show her you have the power to take care of her.

Just don't mention money either way.

DON'T: Be Smelly

man working at a desk smelling his armpit

Thailand is hot and humid.

Most people in Thailand will likely shower at least three times per day.

If you're here for the holidays or living there, it can be downright impossible without one.

For some western men, it may be reasonable to skip showers every other day and wear the same outfit twice or three days in a row.

But not in Thailand!

A shower a day in Thailand is recommended, and taking 2 showers a day is sometimes necessary.

Thai girls typically shower 3 times a day, so they are super clean at all times.

And she will expect you to be the same.

Thai girls don't hang out with people who smell, so why would they want a boyfriend who smells?

DON'T: Complain About Thailand

Thai woman in traditional Thai dress receiving blessing during a ceremony

If you're dating a Thai woman, it's essential to be positive & enthusiastic about Thai people.

Thai girls are not ignorant of the challenges their country faces.

They can see the problems and be frustrated the same as you are.

There is no need to bring up the point unnecessarily.

If you go too far to criticize Thailand, she'll probably dump you and say, "Why did you come here?"

Learning basic Thai words and phrases and learning about the culture will definitely help you understand the society and what you can and can't say.

Dating Thai Girls is Easy If You Follow These Tips

Thai people are the most relaxed, tolerant people in the world.

So dating a Thai woman can be easier than you think and much more effortless than dating a Western woman.

Ever feel like you're just not landing that date with your Thai girlfriend?

Simply follow the 10 dating tips above to help you score a great relationship with the Thai girl of your dreams.

And if that does not work, check our blog post about how to rent a Thai girlfriend in Thailand.

It might not be true love but will be guaranteed to find a Girlfriend Experience with cute Thai girls, without having worry about all the Dos and Don'ts or, dance around the bush trying to make her happy.

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