Here's the PIMP selection of the hottest Thai models who posed for Playboy Thailand

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Playboy Thailand ruled the world of Thai men's magazines for almost 9 years with a great selection of the hottest models you can find in Thailand.

Through their various issues, Playboy Awards, and calendars, they have helped us discover some of the hottest Thai models in the country.

Here are the top 8 most famous and beautiful Thai models who have been featured in Playboy Thailand.

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Nim Tharinton Donmuensri

Thai model Nim Tharinton Donmuensri posing for Playboy Thailand

Nim Tharinon Donmuensri (also known as Nim Tharin) has only been in the magazine since 2019, but she has won multiple Playboy Thailand awards in just over a year.

With her sexy style, perfect measurements and playful attitude, she has everything it takes to be a world-famous Playboy model.

Promporn Kanarat

Thai model Promporn Kanarat posing naked for Playboy Awards in Thailand

Ploy was only 22 years old when she became one of Playboy Thailand's most notorious models.

She is the type of model who loves to play with the camera and who is not afraid to go completely nude to make the shots better.

No wonder why she is a fan favorite.

Vong Thammavong (View)

cute Thai model Vong Thammavong posing topless on a white bed for Playboy Thailand

Even though her Instagram account literally says "Call me View," her real name is Vong Thammavong.

View exploded in popularity after becoming a Playboy Thailand model, breaking records with topless photos in her white underwear.

A success she totally deserves.

Little-Mouse Patchy

gorgeous Thai model Little Mouse Patchy with a photo submitted to Playboy Thailand awards

Playboy models have always had a playful attitude and an "I don't give a f*ck" attitude that made them more attractive than other fashion models.

Little Mouse Patchy, from her real name Phatsaphorn Khammoungkhoun, is one of the wildest models we've seen on Playboy Thailand.

Just look at her pictures and you will quickly understand that she is always ready to take things to the next level.

It doesn't matter how crazy it is, as long as it makes you hard, she is up for it.

Sutasinee Siriruke (Nokia)

Thai model Sutasinee Siriruke Nokia posing on a sofa for Playboy Thailand

With her short hair, silky skin and petite body, Sutasinee looks like a normal cute and shy Thai girl at first glance.

But when you put her in front of the camera, she immediately becomes really naughty and sexual.

No wonder she was one of the Playboy Thailand Playmates of the year.

Alisa Rattanachawangkul

photo of the Thai model Alisa Rattanachawangkul by the photographer Yut Wimon for Playboy Thailand

Alisa is the opposite of Nokia with her big ass, chest and wide hips.

However, they have something in common: their penchant for provocative photos and their beautiful smiles.

If you like girls who like to push boundaries and try new things, you'll love Alisa.

Metita Ritseeboon

photo of the hot Thai model Metita Ritseeboon for Playboy Thailand

Better known as Zemy, Metita is another Thai model who has been brought into the spotlight by Playboy Thailand.

Metita is wife material with her soft face, white skin and beautiful body.

A really charming Thai woman that you want to cuddle with forever.

Arisa Katchawarang

busty Thai model Arisa Katchawarang posing in sexy purple lingerie for Playboy Awards Thailand

Last but not least, meet the gorgeous Arisa.

She won several Playboy awards for her sexy bikini and topless photos, but unfortunately never made it as a Playmate.

Maybe we should hire her at The PIMP?

What do you think?

There you have it, the top 8 bunnies from Playboy Thailand.

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