Missing the Thai Playmates? Come meet our PIMP Cats!

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You may have noticed that Playboy Thailand is gone.

After 8 pretty successful years, the brand with the bunny head logo has left Thailand for good.

That's right, no more Playboy Thailand.

And no more of their iconic events and incredible content either.

But don't be sad, The PIMP Bangkok is always here for you.

Come party with hundreds of hot Thai models every night of the week.

Push the doors of the club and we will make you forget that Playboy Thailand even existed.

Check out what is waiting for you at the best gentlemen club in Bangkok.

No More Playboy Models, Bunnies and Playmates in Thailand

Playboy Thailand bunnies in blue red and gold

Of all the lifestyle magazines for men in Thailand, it was Playboy that had the hottest girls.

Whether they were models, bunnies, or playmates, their girls were always beautiful and sexy.

Unfortunately, now all their photos and videos are in the archives, and there will be no more Playboy playmates in Thailand to look at.

But do you know where you can find Thai girls as hot as the Playboy models now?


Come party every night with The PIMP cats.

Like Playboy, we put a lot of thought into choosing the models who join our team.

We always make sure we have the hottest, most charming, and sensual girls in Thailand.

naked Thai models from The PIMP Bangkok for their 2020 Christmas party in Bangkok

Our girls are not only beautiful, but they are also friendly and wild.

If you like to party, then you have come to the right place!

We have the perfect sexy companions for a crazy night out in Bangkok.

No More Thai Playboy Awards

Winner from a Playboy Awards in Thailand in September 2019 for the best topless photos

Every year, Playboy Thailand had its team and community vote for the hottest Thai model.

Each winner of the famous Playboy Awards received money and gifts from sponsors, and it was a significant boost to her career.

But now that Playboy Thailand is no more, where can you find out who is the most beautiful Thai girl this year?

Well, The PIMP also elects the hottest Thai girl every year at an event we call the Miss PIMP Election.

gorgeous Thai girls in gold and silver dresses for the election of Miss PIMP at The PIMP gentlemen club in Bangkok

Once a year, we gather the hottest girls from all over Thailand for a one night show where you and the other members of the club get to vote to choose the future Miss PIMP.

The best part about it?

You get to party with Miss PIMP and all the contestants when the event is over.

It's way better than simply watching the pageant on Youtube.

No More Playboy Thailand Parties

Thai Playboy bunnies offering a present at Ku De Ta club in Bangkok

Playboy Thailand didn't have a mansion or anything close to the wild parties that Hugh Hefner organized.

But they did host a few events every year for their VIP members, and Playboy models represented the brand at many events in Thailand and Asia throughout the year.

But even though they were perfect for taking beautiful pictures, these parties were nothing like the parties we have at The PIMP.

Playboy bunnies are sexy, but not the wildest girls.

hot Thai girls partying at The PIMP Club in Bangkok Thailand

Our PIMP cats, on the other hand, will bring the party to your VIP table or private room and give you and the guys a night to remember.

Come and see for yourself.

No More Playboy Thailand Instagram

photos of hot Thai models from Playboy Thailand Instagram

At its peak, Playboy Thailand had nearly 1 million followers on Instagram and posted multiple photos of pretty Thai girls every day.

Now the Instagram account is gone, as is Playboy Thailand magazine.

But you still have The PIMP Instagram to get your daily dose of Thai Girls.

photos of sexy Thai girls from The PIMP Bangkok instagram account

Follow us on Instagram to see photos and videos of pretty Thai girls, but also to get information about our upcoming events and special offers.

Time to Say Goodbye to Playboy Thailand

beautiful Playboy Thailand bunnies at a ceremony in Bangkok

It was great while it lasted, but now it's time to turn the page.

Let's say goodbye to Playboy Thailand, and welcome The PIMP's era.

Come to the club and see for yourself why we have nothing to envy at Playboy and why everyone is talking about our models.

Take a look at our private rooms or click here to book now.

Thank you!
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