Have your ever had a lap dance by a Thai stripper?

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There is only one place in Bangkok where you can get a legit lap dance, and that is The PIMP.

The club has earned a solid reputation over the years for offering the sexiest shows and performances in Thailand.

And we happen to have the most beautiful strippers too.

Where Can You Find The Best Strippers in Bangkok?

hot Thai strippers performing on stage of The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club

Unfortunately, if you're looking for a strip club with half-naked girls on stage, there is no such thing in Thailand.

For most people, Thai gogo bars are the closest thing to strip clubs in Thailand.

But we can assure you that most gogo bar girls are anything but excellent dancers, so let's not even mention stripping.

With gogo bars out of the question, the closest thing to a strip club in Thailand is a gentlemen's club.

And as the number one gentlemen club in Thailand, The PIMP is the best venue for incredible adult entertainment.

It even has strippers and sexy shows where the girls take off their clothes.

Both on stage and in the private rooms.

But if you want a real one-on-one lap dance with girls getting completely naked, you need to book a VIP room.

In these rooms we have more options for you.

And whatever happens inside is between you and the girls.

So it's the perfect place to take things to the next level.

Get a Private Lap Dance in Bangkok

hot Thai stripper with transparent black lingerie in front of a live band at The PIMP club in Bangkok

Like we said, if you want a real lap dance in Thailand performed by a highly-skilled stripper, there is only one option: you need to get a VIP room at The PIMP.

Things get even more interesting in VIP rooms.

When no one is watching, and the alcohol is flowing, things get loose, and the girls can finally take their clothes off.

Most private parties at the club are men drinking and partying with our hot models, The PIMP cats.

But things can get even wilder when the door to the room closes.

And we offer special add-ons and sexy shows in private rooms to spice things up.

All you need to do if you want a private lap dance in Bangkok is:

  • Book a VIP room with The PIMP
  • Tell us you want a hot lap dance.

It's that simple.

We take it from there and handle the rest for you.

Rest assured that we will arrange the hottest Thai stripper you have ever seen.

Do You Need a Stripper for a Special Event?

sexy Thai strippers with cat ears performing a sexy show at The PIMP Bangkok

Tell us what the occasion is and we will arrange a special package for you including a VIP room, bottles, of course a stripper, and anything else you need.

And don't forget to let us know if you have any special request(s).

The PIMP is there to make your dreams come true.

All you have to do is ask.

Send us a message or book a VIP room right now to get a stripper for your party.


How Do I Book A Stripper?

Book a private room at The PIMP and add in the comments that you would like a lap dance. Our team will contact you to confirm your booking and discuss the available strip show options.

How much does a stripper in Bangkok cost?

A lap dance at The PIMP Bangkok starts at just 2,500 THB. Contact us to find out more about our strippers and all the options available.

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