Everything you need to know about the infamous Patpong red-light district.

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Ask anyone who has been to Bangkok and they will tell you that they have either heard of or have been to the infamous Patpong.

Stretched across two parallel streets in Silom, Patpong is Bangkok’s oldest red light district with over 20 bars, gogo bars, and adult entertainment venues.

It has been for decades a must see attraction for tourists visiting Bangkok, while for others it is the ideal place for satisfying their kinky desires.

A lot has changed in this area over the years though.

So, let’s take a peek inside what Patpong has to offer these days.

What Is Patpong?

Patpong is Bangkok’s oldest red-light and nightlife area.

It is believed that the first ever gogo bar opened right here and it is where the entire sexy bar culture started.

Thai gogo girl at a bar in Patpong in 1970's
A Thai gogo girl in Patpong in the 1970's

Then it became popular over the years because of 2 reasons.

The first is the night market that ran through the middle of the street.

Every night, the stalls sold everything from souvenirs to clothes.

But Patpong night market was mainly known for fake watches and knock off branded products such as shoes and t-shirts.

Patpong night market and super pussy neon sign

The second reason for Patpong success were the gogo bars and eccentric sex show shops surrounding the market.

What really made it one of the most famous nightlife areas was the ping pong shows that took place behind closed doors and curtains.

Things To Do in Patpong

Although now Patpong has lost its mojo and it is just a shell of what it used to be, people still visit this place for drinks and shows in one of the bars.

While there used to be over 30 bars, now there are about 20 or less.

young Thai girl at black pagoda gogo bar in Patpong red light district in Bangkok

Patpong bars mostly consist of gogo bars, beer bars and a few adult entertainment bars where you can witness the world-famous ping pong show.

Some popular gogo bars in Patpong that are still in operation are Bada Bing, Pink Panther, XXX-Lounge, and Black Pagoda.

No matter which one you go to, you will find plenty of sexy gogo girls on stage or coming to your table to share drinks.

Other than that, you can also visit BarBar where you can watch or participate in BDSM shows and other fetishes.

entrance of Barbar BDSM and fetish club in Bangkok

It is a good alternative for sexy shows in Patpong and quite popular for bachelor parties in Bangkok.

But not quite as private or as exciting as a night at The PIMP.

In case you don’t feel like doing any of that you can simply get a massage in one of the shops along the street.

Unfortunately, for those looking for touristic shopping, the night market is longer here due to COVID.

However, there are a few shops and shopping malls outside and around Patpong.

But it’s just not the same as it was before.

How To Get To Patpong?

welcome to Patpong sign with the night market stalls in Bangkok

The BTS skytrain (Sala Daeng station) or the MRT subway (Silom station) is the cheapest and most convenient way to get to Patpong.

You can also easily take a taxi to Patpong from anywhere in Bangkok.

Every taxi driver knows this place.

Finally, you can roll in at Patpong and other areas of Bangkok in style with a private VIP van.

What Are The Other Red Light Districts in Bangkok?

The most iconic red-light district in Bangkok at the moment is Soi Cowboy.

To reach Soi cowboy from Patpong, you can take a taxi or a tuk tuk.

You can also take the MRT to Sukhumvit station or the BTS to Asok station.

The MRT is faster.

The other main red-light district is Nana Plaza.

Bangkok's biggest adult entertainment complex.

Other than getting a taxi or tuk tuk, MRT or BTS are also convenient ways to reach Nana Plaza.

Take the BTS to Nana station or choose the MRT to Asok and then switch to BTS and drop off at Nana.

Come To The PIMP For The Best Adult Entertainment

kinky show on stage at The PIMP Bangkok

If you want to level up your nightlife and adult entertainment experience, then ditch Patpong or any of the other red-light districts.

There are better alternatives in Bangkok.

Come to The PIMP to party with the hottest girls in Thailand.

We also have better service and more sexy shows than any other place you’ll find in Bangkok.

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What Happened To Patpong Night Market?

Patpong night market closed down in 2020 due to COVID and has not reopened since.

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