Enjoy going around Bangkok in a comfortable VIP Van. Whether it's for an airport transfer or to party inside the van while you go to the club, our VIP vans have...

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You can’t avoid getting stuck in traffic while you’re in Bangkok, but you can decide how you spend that time.

Take a taxi, and you will be left with nothing else to do other than scroll on your phone.

Tuk-tuks are out of the question as they don't have AC and are not comfortable for long rides.

Instead, book a VIP van in which you can party and drink, or relax until you reach your destination.

Get Around Bangkok in a VIP Van

interior of a VIP van in Thailand

We all know traveling can be exhausting, especially in Bangkok when you have a busy schedule.

With the heat, pollution, traffic, and noise, you need a safe place where you can chill as you get around the city.

That’s why our hosts can help you arrange a VIP van for a night or for your whole stay.

For an airport transfer, a day in Bangkok, or a trip around Thailand, we find for you the right van rental service or luxury limousine according to your needs.

Send us a message with all the details about your trip, and let us find the right luxury van for you and your family or friends.

One that has all the comfort and features you need for a quality trip.

And of course, a personal driver to take you everywhere you want to go, on your own schedule.

Get A VIP Van With Your Booking At The PIMP

private party room at the PIMP club in Bangkok

Because every guest at The PIMP is a VIP, we can arrange VIP vans to take you around town, and of course, to the best club in Bangkok.

With them you can keep the party going as you go from your hotel or villa to the best place to meet the hottest girls in Bangkok.

Book a private room for your party, and we’ll arrange a transfer for you and your friends.

Confirm the date and time with us and wait patiently for the driver to show up at your door.

Get in, connect your music, open a cold beer or a bottle of Champagne, and party in the van until you reach the club.

Book your VIP Van today

Don’t worry about booking a taxi or bargaining with tuk-tuks, we're taking care of that.

Book your private room today and add in the notes you need a transfer to the club.

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