Party with over 200 models rocking beautiful gold bikinis and handpick your favorites to join your personal harem.

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Welcome to a world of fantasy and desire, where the exotic meets the erotic.

At The PIMP, we take theme parties to a whole new level.

Our Harem Nights are legendary, transforming the club into a sensual oasis where beautiful Thai models, dressed in gold lingerie, bring the ambiance of an oriental harem to life.

Ready to dive into the enchanting world of a Thai harem?

Let's go!

What Is A Harem?

group of Thai girls with white and gold outfit at The PIMP Bangkok harem party

Historically, a harem is a secluded and sacred part of the house where the women live.

Often associated with the Middle East, harems have captured the imagination of every men around the world with their mystery and exoticism.

They represent a world of sensuality, intrigue, and seduction.

A harem is not just about the women.

It's about the fantasy of a hidden, lush paradise where every desire can be fulfilled.

In Thailand, the closest equivalent to a modern harem is The PIMP Bangkok, the country's #1 Gentlemen’s Club.

Join The PIMP Harem Party

group of hot Thai girls in gold bikini holding drinks at The PIMP gentlemen club in Bangkok

A few times a year, as night falls, The PIMP transforms into a mystical harem right here in Bangkok.

Step through our doors and enter a world of silk and gold, whispers and laughter, of seduction and sensual moves.

Our Harem Party embraces the exotic spirit of a harem, bringing it to life with an exciting modern twist.

Our Thai models, The PIMP®️ Cats, are dressed in stunning gold lingerie and captivate everyone around with their charm, beauty, and sensual performances.

They'll take you on an erotic journey, delivering shows inspired by the essence of a harem, where the lines between reality and fantasy blur.

The Most Beautiful Thai Models For Your Harem

sexy show with beautiful Thai dancers performing on stage for The PIMP Bangkok Harem party in Thailand

Our PIMP®️ Cats aren't just performers; they're here to make your fantasies come true.

They're the heart of our Harem Party, bringing the spirit of a harem to life with their beauty, grace, and captivating performances.

Dressed in beautiful gold lingerie that accentuates their natural curves, they're a sight to behold.

Each one of our PIMP®️ Cats is a gem, unique in her own right, with a personality as captivating as her looks.

They're more than just beautiful; they're unforgettable.

And they're ready to make your Harem Night at The PIMP an experience like no other.

Build Your Thai Harem At The PIMP

sexy Thai girls in beautiful bikini during a harem party at The PIMP Bangkok

Why just dream about a harem when you can create your own harem in Thailand?

At The PIMP, you're not just a spectator, you're part of the experience.

Our Harem Nights are about losing yourself in the fantasy and becoming a part of the story.

It's your chance to build your own harem, filled with the most beautiful Thai girls, right here at The PIMP.

Are you ready for this unique experience?

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Or simply book a table now and start building your Thai harem today.

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Welcome to the world of The PIMP, where fantasies come true.

The PIMP Harem Party Gallery

Enjoy these photos from our last Harem party at The PIMP.

hot model in sexy gold bikini at The PIMP Bangkok harem party in Thailand
hot Thai girl in gold bikini at The PIMP Bangkok g club in Thailand
hot Thai model posing for a photo during The PIMP Bangkok harem party
stunning and sexy bikini model posing at The PIMP in a gold bikini for a harem party
sexy Thai girl in gold bikini starring at the camera during a photoshoot at The PIMP gentlemen club in Bangkok
sexy inked Thai girl in gold bikini with gold jewelry at The PIMP Bangkok harem party
sexy Thai model in gold lingerie at The PIMP club in Bangkok Thailand
Thai girl in gold bikini at The PIMP club in Bangkok
Thai dancer smiling at the camera and doing hand gesture while wearing a beautiful blue dress at The PIMP BangkokN
two Thai girl in gold bikini teasing each other at The PIMP Bangkok harem party
two sexy girls wearing gold bikinis and having gold face jewelry at The PIMP Bangkok in Thailand
two girls in sexy gold bikini partying with a customer at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen's club
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