Clothing is overrated. All you need is black tape bikinis and lingerie.

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Experience the unexpected, push boundaries, and awaken your senses at our exclusive PIMP Black Tape Project Party.

Step into a world where art meets seduction, where inhibition gives way to fascination.

Enjoy live music and shows, and beautiful performances by our models covered in sexy body tape delicately placed on them.

The Black Tape Project in Thailand

The PIMP Black Tape Project party with a group of beautiful Thai models naked covered with black tape

From the streets of Miami to the bustling nightlife of Bangkok, the Black Tape Project has swept through the world of partying and high fashion, turning heads at every corner.

Originally started by Miami-based artist Joel Alvarez, the project has gained global attention for transforming the human form into a mesmerizing canvas.

Today, it is a head-turning trend featured in high-energy parties and fashion events worldwide.

It's a creative masterpiece that mixes body art, tape art, and seductive aesthetics to create a sexy and unforgettable experience.

Forget about lingerie and bikinis for a night, as we're bringing the black tape clothing revolution to Thailand!

The PIMP Cats Covered With Body Tape

The PIMP Black Tape Project party with a group of Thai girls on stage covered with black and silver tape

Watch our stunning Thai models elegantly wrapped in the minimalistic art of body tape.

The PIMP®️ Cats take this creative concept to new heights.

Their gorgeous bodies are covered with sleek lines of black tape, highlighting their beautiful curves for an unforgettable seductive experience.

Every twist, every turn, every dance move accentuates the shine of the tape art, making them the star of the night.

Their magnetic performance, filled with energy and erotism, creates a visually stunning spectacle that captivate everyone in the club, making it a night to remember for all the lucky members in the audience.

Watch Out For Our Next Black Tape Party

hot girls doing a show on stage for The PIMP Black Tape Party

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be part of the boldest nightlife experience in Bangkok.

We’re frequently organizing sexy Black Tape Project parties featuring our beautiful models.

These parties are a mix of live music and shows, stunning tape art, and the wild atmosphere of The PIMP.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to stay updated about our next Black Tape Party.

Step into a world where fantasy becomes reality and experience the thrill of partying with the wildest Thai girls in Bangkok, dressed in the most exotic attire.

Or, why wait?

Book now, and immerse yourself in an unparalleled nightlife experience at The PIMP Bangkok.

The PIMP Black Tape Project Gallery

The images from our past events speak for themselves, and we promise, our next event will be even more spectacular!

hot girl covered in sexy black tape at The Black Tape Project night at The PIMP Bangkok
hot group of Thai models covered with black purple and gold tape at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen's club
hot Thai girl covered by black tape at The PIMP Bangkok club in Thailand
beautiful Thai model covered of black tape for an artistic show at The PIMP Bangkok
sexy girl covered by black tape on stage of The PIMP Bangkok for the Black Tape Project party at the club
sexy girls at The PIMP Black tape project at The PIMP Bangkok
sexy show with girls in lingerie and black tape at The PIMP Bangkok in Thailand
sexy show on the stage of The PIMP Bangkok with a model covered in black and gold tape while wearing a fur coat
sexy Thai girls on stage of The PIMP Bangkok covered by black tape for a special performancel
The PIMP Black tape project party girl at The PIMP in Bangkok Thailand
The PIMP Black Tape project with a party girl covered by black tape on the stage of the club's live zone
two beautiful Thai girls covered by black tape doing an erotic show on stage of The PIMP Bangkok
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