Here are the pros and cons of the nightlife in each city.

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Although both cities are fantastic for various reasons, both Bangkok and Pattaya are very (very) different.

Partying in one of these cities is a completely different experience than partying in the other.

So before you plan your next party trip to either Bangkok or Pattaya, let us tell you what you should consider and why you might prefer one nightlife over the other.

Here's what you need to know about each city's party scene and nightlife and how they compare.

Bangkok's Nightlife

One of the reasons we love Bangkok so much is because the city has something for everyone.

Whether you're a budget traveler carefully watching every dollar they spend or a millionaire with endless money to throw at experiences, you'll have a good time here.

This is especially true when it comes to nightlife and parties in the city of Angels.

light show at Topone nightclub in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to the world's best cocktail bars, Thailand’s top fine dining restaurants, high-end cigar lounges, crazy red-light districts, stunning rooftop bars, top of the food chain nightclubs and, of course, to the best gentlemen's clubs in Asia.

It’s also where you’ll find the most beautiful girls in Thailand.

No matter what your type of girl is, you’ll find it in Bangkok.

And if your thing is hot Thai models with white skin, long legs and generous curves, Bangkok is the only place where you can meet them.

hot Thai girls doing a show at The PIMP gentlemen's club in Bangkok

There are also events all year round in Bangkok.

Whether it's huge music festivals, crazy pool parties, or sexy events in the best nightlife spots in Bangkok.

hot Thai girls at Westin pool party in Bangkok

No matter what you want to do or try, chances are you'll find it in Bangkok.

If not, it's only because you don't know where to look.

In this case, don't worry, our sexy tour guides will help you find exactly what you want.

Whether you have a guide or not, there’s no doubt you’ll love the nightlife in Bangkok.

It is incredible and you'll have the time of your life partying in this city.

Bangkok Nightlife Pros and Cons


  • Easy to get to and from (tons of domestic and international flights)
  • An insane variety of venues (bars, nightclubs, gentlemen's clubs, gogo bars...)
  • The most luxurious clubs in Thailand (The PIMP, Topone, Spaceplus, Levels...)
  • The best bars in Thailand (rooftop bars, cocktail bars, live music bars...)
  • The hottest girls in Thailand
  • You can party all year round (there's no low season in Bangkok)
  • The best luxury hotels in the country with stunning party-friendly hotel suites
  • The best international food and restaurants in Thailand
  • Many luxurious transportation options (stretch limousine, sports car, helicopter, private jet, etc.)
  • All the opportunities in the world to get freaky (bars, clubs, sexy massages, private parties...)


  • The traffic can be terrible
  • Many clubs close at 2am
  • It's more expensive
  • Some places have a strict dress code

Pattaya's Nightlife

neon signs in Walking Street Pattaya

Pattaya is famous for many things, but the most important is probably its nightlife.

With countless gogo bars, lady bars and many lively nightclubs, the center of Pattaya, and Walking Street in particular, is a great place for a naughty party in Thailand.

girly bar in Pattaya

Throughout the city there are also great beach clubs and rooftop bars that have upscale parties.

But Pattaya doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to VIP parties.

The VIP nightclubs and gentlemen’s clubs are “cheap” compared to what you can find in Bangkok.

The girls you’re going to meet at night in Pattaya are also very different from what you’ll find in Bangkok.

Most Thai girls in Pattaya are coming from the poor provinces of Thailand to work in bars.

They have dark skin, tattoos, and they’re less “classy” than Bangkok girls to put it nicely.

bar girls in Pattaya

And a lot of the “hot girls” you’ll meet in Pattaya are in fact ladyboys

Katoeys (the Thai word for ladyboys) are only in a few nightlife areas in Bangkok (Nana Plaza and upper Sukhumvit), but they are everywhere in bars and clubs in Pattaya.

And there are a lot of them. If that’s not what you’re into, look at your date twice when you’re in Pattaya if you don’t want to have a surprise.

ladyboys in bikini at a bar in Pattaya

It’s also harder to get around the city.

You have less options of transportation. Limousine services are rare, and taxis and minivans are more expensive than in Bangkok.

The best part about Pattaya nightlife is definitely how busy it is on any given night, and how late some of the clubs close.

If you don't want to think about how you're dressed, what day it is, what time the party ends, and you don't want to break the bank, Pattaya nightlife is for you.

crowd partying at 808 club in Pattaya

And while it can be difficult to find a place to party after 2am in Bangkok, it's almost never a problem in Pattaya.

Pattaya also offers a lot of options for after parties and private parties that you don't have in Bangkok.

Book a private pool villa for your stay in Pattaya and throw a crazy pool party with blasting music, flowing alcohol, a private DJ and more girls than you can count.

huge luxury party villa in Pattaya

We can even help you plan it.

Talk to our team today.

Or rent a yacht, invite hot bikini models and cruise around some of Thailand's most beautiful islands.

bikini models on a yacht at Ocean Marina in Pattaya

We can help with that too.

Learn more about the yacht party in Pattaya we can create for you.

Pattaya Nightlife Pros and Cons


  • It's cheaper than Bangkok
  • Every day is a Saturday (at least in high season)
  • Many clubs close after 2am
  • No dress code in bars and clubs
  • Access to the beach and beach clubs
  • You can rent a yacht and explore the Gulf of Thailand with hot bikini models
  • Excellent value for money regarding accommodation (including private pool villas)
  • Great local seafood restaurants


  • No high-end nightclubs or gentlemen's clubs to party in
  • The hottest Thai girls are in Bangkok
  • Most girls in Pattaya have dark skin and tattoos
  • Only busy during high season (November to March)
  • Less options for transportation and they are more expensive (mainly only taxis and minivans)

Which Has Better Nightlife: Pattaya or Bangkok?

While Pattaya nightlife is wild and fun, Bangkok is better because it offers more options and has the best venues and events in Thailand, no matter what type you like.

It doesn’t matter how crazy, how luxurious, how sexy, or how unique you want your night to be, you'll find exactly what you want in the city of Angels.

And if you're looking for the most beautiful girls and the best clubs and gentlemen’s clubs in Thailand, you'll definitely find them in the capital.

sexy Thai model starring at the camera at The PIMP Bankgok

Book your table or VIP room at The PIMP and see for yourself how good Bangkok nightlife is.

And you don't have to worry about how long you can party when you come to The PIMP.

Get a VIP room with sexy party models, and there is no limit to how long you can party.

You want to learn more about Bangkok nightlife?

Check our guide here.


Which City In Thailand Has The Best Nightlife To Meet Girls?

It's super easy to meet girls in Bangkok and Pattaya. But in Bangkok there are more places where you can meet girls, more girls, and also more different types of girls.

Which City In Thailand Has The Best Gentlemen's Clubs?

All the best gentlemen's clubs in Thailand are in Bangkok.

Which City In Thailand Has The Best VIP Nightclubs?

Bangkok is the city with the best VIP nightclubs in Thailand. This include Onyx (ranked in the top 100 best nightclubs in the world), Topone, Spaceplus, Levels, Sing Sing Theater, and many more.

Which City In Thailand Has The Best Rooftop Bars?

With over 50 rooftop bars and the highest bar in Thailand at The Mahanakhon Tower, Bangkok is undoubtedly the best city in Thailand for rooftop bars.

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