Meet Kesarin Chaichalermpol, also known as Natt Chanapa, Nong Natt, or Nat Kejsarin, a stunning Thai beauty with a rich history.

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AV Model Background:

Kesarin was once one of the most famous Thai porn actresses, with her stage name Nong Natt and Natt Chanapa.

At least in other parts of the world.

Because she has spent most of her career doing porn movies with foreign actors, primarily in Europe and Japan.

Famous Thai Porn Star Natt Chanapa

When Thai authorities learned of her fame in the pornographic film business, they summoned her to court.

She avoided prison time by paying a fine and leaving the porn industry.

But this controversy attracted considerable attention and gave her an even greater celebrity.

This, as well as her subsequent marriage to a wealthy American Sugar Daddy a few years later.

Both incidents made headlines in Thai media, but they just increased her popularity.

Nat, who is now stunning, avoids any controversy.

Stunning Nong Natt Kesarin in Skimpy Bikini

She performs sexual performances in clubs throughout Asia, notably The PIMP Bangkok.

Oh, and her hot car wash competition act is legendary.

If you haven't seen it yet, you should look it up on YouTube.

She is also a well-known online personality who posts lifestyle and fitness material on her social media sites, which have a combined following of more than 2 million people across all of her profiles.

Sadly, Nat will not be appearing in any more porn movies.

Kesarin's OnlyFans is the only option to see her private images.

She publishes there nearly every day and only maintains the hottest material for her followers.

Take a peek.

Model Contacts:

Instagram :@nat_officialaccount
Facebook :Natkejsarin Chaichaleamphol
Twitter :@NattKejsarin
Youtube :Natkejsarin Channel
Line ID : @NATT
TikTok :@natkejsarin
OnlyFans :@iamnatkejsarin

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