Kainao is a growing Thai influencer and one of the country’s sexiest net idol.

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OnlyFans Model Background:

Meet Tawan, better known as Kainao, is a growing Thai influencer and one of the country’s sexiest net idol.

With over 1.5 million followers and fans across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, Tawan has clearly made a name for herself.

sexy Thai girl Kainaoa in cosplay

But what does she do?

A bit of everything actually - from cosplay and sexy teaser photos to “look at me, I’m so cute” pictures.

Her YouTube channel focuses on a mix between gaming streams and everyday life videos while her TikTok is mostly of the cute personality that she is so well known and adored for.

There are plenty of videos where she is singing and looking adorable on camera.

Kainao has a very school girl look – cute, bubbly, and sweet.

sexy Thai net idol Kainaoa in lingerie

She has fair skin, average build with perky round bosoms that will make anyone yearn to be her boyfriend.

It seems that Kainao might have had an Onlyfans account, but it is not there anymore.

How do we know that?

There are leaked pornographic videos of her having intercourse with her boyfriend on Spankbang, which were likely taken from her Onlyfans page.

Thai model Kainaoa

Model Contacts:

Instagram : @kainaoa_tawan

Facebook : Kainao Tawan

Twitter : @kainaotawan

Tiktok : @kainao.a

Youtube : KainaoA_Tawan

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