Meet Faii Orapun, a stunning and popular Thai girl.

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OnlyFans Model Background:

Fai made worldwide news in 2019 when she was finned for cooking Pappaya Salad (Som Tum) in a provocative dress showing off her big boobs.

Fai was already well-known in Thailand for her appearances in various famous web programs, including "Khom Tales."

However, discussing Faii would be difficult without mentioning the seductive films on social media and adult sites.

From sensual showers to stripping live on Facebook, this Thai lady isn't shy.

Faii Orapun busty Thai girl
Faii Orapun busty Thai girl

Faii is quickly rising to become one of the most well-known Thai models on the market, and she is very active on social media, particularly on Instagram, Line, and OnlyFans.

She also has a Youtube channel called The Sisters where she share the stoplight with another popular Thai net idol, Noey Yanisa.

gorgeous Thai model Faii Orapun in a tight Ignite bikini
gorgeous Thai model Faii Orapun in a tight Ignite bikini

In just a few years she already gained close to 600k followers on Instagram with her sexy pics.

But if you really want to see how hot Faii Orapun, you got to subscribe to her on OnlyFans.

That's the only place you can see her naked photos and videos and more uncensored content.

Model Contacts:

Instagram : @orapunfaii

Facebook : อรพรรณ สมอหอม

Line ID : @faii24

Youtube : Faii Orapun

Tik Tok : faiiorapu

OnlyFans : Im Faii

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