Don't get fooled by her cute and innocent look...

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OnlyFans Model Background:

Say hello to Bam Mangpor, also known as Bamboo.

She’s a gorgeous little young Thai girl who is making her mark into the influencer and modeling world.

hot Thai model Bmangpor posing in a tiny bikini

A digital creator by profession, Bamboo is super cute, adorable and all the lovable adjectives you can think of to describe her.

She ticks all the boxes with her sweet face, stunning body, and a delightful personality.

Her skin is milky white and soft as silk and the way she looks at you would certainly make your heart melt.

A total darling!

cute Thai model Bmangpor in lingerie in a bath

Her social media is filled with sexy bikini photos as well as everyday life posts ranging from travel, going to beaches, and hanging out with friends.

She definitely likes to keep it as real as possible.

She’s been to Korea, Japan, parts of Europe as far as we know.

Where would you take her if you had a chance to travel with her?

Bamboo gives off that girl next door vibe but with a sensual side, which makes many men yearn for her.

She also had an OnlyFans page but we are not sure why it is not available anymore.

sexy young Thai girl Bmangpor in leopard lingerie

Can you imagine the amazing exclusive content she would have on it?

Model Contacts:

Instagram: @bmangpor

Facebook: Bam-Mangpor

Twitter: @mangpor_bamboo

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