The Best Venue for Your Business Meetings in Bangkok

Are you looking for an excellent venue for a business meeting in Bangkok?

Surprise your colleagues and partners and pick The PIMP for your event.

It has everything you need for a successful business meeting :

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How Does it Work?

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    Give us every details about your meeting (number of guests, date, budget, etc).
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    Check the options we send you, and let us know what suits you best.
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    Book your business meeting at The PIMP
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    Invite your colleagues and partners.
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    Have a unique business meeting at The PIMP!
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Why Choose The PIMP for a Business Meeting?

People choose The PIMP because meeting rooms in Bangkok are overrated and expensive, especially at big hotels.

Whether it's to discuss, sign, or celebrate a deal, a networking event, or a conference, we cater to all your needs to make your event successful.

The PIMP offers you a unique business lounge for your meetings and private parties.

One that will captivate your team and associates and show how much you care about them.

With 14 private rooms and a private pool, a capacity of up to 150 people, TVs for presentations, hostesses, shows, and all sorts of entertainment available on request, the PIMP is perfectly suited for business meetings and conferences of all types and all sizes.

We can also arrange catering, decoration, performers and everything else you need for your event.

Send us a message today, and let's talk about the details.

Make it the Best Business Meeting EVER!

For your upcoming business event, don't pick the same location as your competition.

Choose to be different.

Choose to offer an experience and quality of service that go beyond what your colleagues and partners would expect.

No matter how formal or casual you want it to be, our team will help you plan the perfect business meeting.

And if you want to surprise your guests, you know we have everything in store to make it a memorable event.


Can I organize business meetings during the day?

Sure, we can arrange this, depending on the details of your event.

Can you invoice my company for the meeting?

Yes, of course.

Do I need to book girls for my business meeting?

Well, only if you need girls for client entertainment.

Of course, we can arrange party models and hostesses if required.

Thank you!
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