A True VIP Nightclub

THE PIMP® Bangkok is not a regular night club. It's a gentleman club.

It is home to over 200 gorgeous girls, world-class entertainment, and the best VIP service you can get.

We are for successful people and achievers, for everyone who only dream and party big, and of course, those who always demand the best, and nothing but the best.
a lof of sexy Thai girls in the PIMP club room in Bangkok

200+ Party Models

Looking for the best club in Bangkok to meet and party with Thai girls?

Well, we have 200+ of the most beautiful Thai girls with us every night of the week.

Come and enjoy their company, play drinking games, party like crazy, and more if you feel like it.

Party with the hottest girls in Thailand!
sexy Thai girls dressed as brides for a show at The PIMP club in Bangkok

Shows and Performances

The club also have special shows and events every weekend in the main room.

There's always something going on at The PIMP :
  • The best musicians, singers, and dancers in Bangkok
  • 3 live bands playing every night
  • Local and international DJs every night
  • Exclusive sexy shows and performers throughout the night
The PIMP offers the best entertainment in Bangkok, seven days a week.
Thai girls drinking in the club room at The PIMP Bangkok

The Best Service

Whether you come for a night or every night, you'll feel like a VIP at all times.

Enjoy bottle service, hostesses to refill your glass, and our party models to entertain you.

Pick a table, order a bottle, invite girls to your table, and have fun.

Our staff will be taking care of everything else for you.

And if you're coming to celebrate something special, our team is here to help you organize the most incredible parties.
Sexy Thai girl holding a sign saying "I want to party too" on stage at The PIMP Bangkok
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Are you ready for a VIP clubbing experience like nothing you've ever tried before?

Book Your Table Right Now
VIP standing tables at The PIMP Bangkok


At The PIMP, all our tables are VIP.

Every table is close to the stage, making it easy to see the singers, shows, and exotic dancers on stage.

No matter where you sit or how crowded the club is, you can view the stage and have extra space to be joined by sexy company.

Book in advance to secure the best tables.
Thai girls sitting on stools around a VIP table at The PIMP Bangkok


Get extra space for you, your friends, and more hot Thai girls.

A sofa is perfect for more comfort, and being closer to the girls and the shows.
picture of a large harem sofa in the PIMP Bangkok club room


Go all-in with a private large sofa!

This type of VIP table offer the best and most comfortable seating in the club.

It also has curtains that you can close if you want more privacy.

The PIMP is the only VIP nightclub in Bangkok where you can party with sexy companions, and enjoy privacy and the shows simultaneously.

How Does it Work?

  • 1
    At the door, tell our reception if you want to buy a drink, a bottle, or open a liquor package.
  • 2
    Enter the club and follow the host to your table, or ask for a tour of the VIP rooms.
  • 3
    Invite girls to your table and enjoy the shows and performances on stage.
  • 4
    Play games, drink shots, and go wild!
  • 5
    At the end of the night, decide if you want to take advantage of our excellent liquor packages and become a VIP Member of The PIMP.

Thai singer next to a sexy Thai girl in black lingerie both performing on stage of the PIMP club room

How Much Cost a Night in the Club Area?

Bottles start from 4,500 THB.

The price for each girl starts at 2,000 THB for the first hour, and 1,000 THB for every additional hour.

Here's an example of what you can pay at the club :

For example, let's take a VIP Table for 4 people :
  • 4 Girls ( 2 h ) : 12,000 THB
    30% discount on lady drinks
  • Premium Liquor package (5 bottles) : 20,000 THB
    6 Bottles of Black Label
    Valid 12 months
  • Host Fees: 1,000 THB
    6 Bottles of Black Label
    Valid 12 months
TOTAL: 33,000 THB

All prices are in Thai Baht and are net, including taxes. No service charge.

The Best KTV Nightclub in Bangkok

Looking for a nightclub in Bangkok with karaoke rooms and sexy hostesses?

You're in the right place!

We have the best karaoke rooms in Bangkok, equipped with everything you need for a fun night.

Start the night at the club listening to live music, and end it in a private room singing with your friends and our beautiful Thai models until the sun rises.

Get ready for a crazy night at Bangkok's wildest KTV club.


Can I come to The PIMP Club ara for a drink?

Yes, the main area is open to everyone. You can come to the club and buy only a few drinks,  a bottle, or a liquor package.

How much is the entry fee at The PIMP club?

You have three options to get into The PIMP.

Get a table and order at least two drinks per person (beer, house drink, or cocktail).

Open a bottle or a liquor package and get a VIP table.

Or book a private room.

Do I need to invite girls to my table?

That's the guarantee for a wild night, but it's not mandatory.

You can come to The PIMP to drink and enjoy the shows without inviting girls to your table. Like you would in any other nightclub.

What time does The PIMP Club close?

The PIMP is one of the few late night clubs in Bangkok. We close late. Later than most clubs.
But our VIP rooms can remain open until late . Contact us for more information.

How much money do you need to have a good time at The PIMP Club?

Probably a lot less than you think. Check our prices here.

Thank you!
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