What's the difference between a Pornstar Experience and a Girlfriend Experience in Thailand?

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What is a PSE - Porn Star Experience?

In general Thai Girls love sex and are willing to engage in all types of sexual acts that you typically see in the adult film industry. 

We've all seen Porn movie like Tuk-Tuk Patrol - The Real Thailand Sex Experience:

You know where white guys picks up a young Thai hooker off the streets of Bangkok o Pattaya, and then race her off to cheap hotel for a crazy porn session, something she might have not even expected but happily jump into for the "experience."

This would be considered a Porn Star Experience (PSE), and in Bangkok, you don't have to be a porn actor to try!

Most Thai Freelancers, bar girls, and escorts from the outcall services offer "full option" services, including "A-Level, "CIM,  many other acts you see in porn movies.  It's all listed on their profiles for all to read!

What can I expect to get in a Porn Star Experience?

The types of sexual intercourse you see in porn movies vary greatly; thus, the phrase 'porn star experience' is ambiguous.

In reality, the porn star experience varies greatly depending on what the guy wants. 

And, of course, what the girl is willing to do.

But typically, the type of porn we're referring to concerning PSE is the hardcore porn seen online.

And this means a Porn Star Experience in Thailand PSE almost always involves physically intense activities.   Deep, hard, and fast.

There is a range of popular sexual services, including bold positions, dirty talk, use enhancement devices as well as anal play, rimming, golden showers, and many more terms outside the scope of this article.

The bottom line is that guys coming to Thailand have the opportunity to experience everything they see in porn but seldom have the chance to participate in real life.

You picked the right place to plan a wild bachelor party

Can All Thai Girls Offer a PSE - Porn Star Experience?

A Porn Star Experience requires both the girl and guy to develop a degree of trust and confidence in each other.

As a result, most Thai freelancers, including the world-famous Pimp Party Models, may decline to offer these services at the first meeting.

How know if a Thai Girl offers a Porn Star Experience?

The easiest way is to just ask the girl.

Do they love hard porn-style sex, and can they provide the service you want?

The answer from most Thai Girls will surprise you, and remember, in Thailand, everything is for sale, and the man usually is always in charge.  

So it all just depends on the price you offer.

PSE vs. GFE: What's the Difference?

Some guys want to take it easy for their holidays and get close to the girls.

A Girlfriend Experience happens when guys Rent a Thai Girlfriend for dates or trips that are not exclusively about sex.     

The girls expect to take things slow.  Their focus is to provide you with a romantic feeling that isn't necessarily sexual in nature.  

A kiss, a hug, just hanging out watching a movie before having sex on the couch, maybe.

The porn star experience, on the other hand,  is all about fulfilling your wildest hardcore porn fantasy in real life.  

It's all about how fast and how hard you can go!

So in conclusion, in terms of what they offer, a GFE and PSE are direct opposites.   

However, in both cases, you're basically renting the girl's time for a hassle-free relationship, generally with the guarantee of sex as part of the deal.

What's more popular: PSE or GFE?

Girlfriend experiences were far more common about a decade ago.   

However, with the rapid growth of internet porn, many men (and Thai Girls!) want to personally experience what they see online.  

Most guys tend to crave at least one PSE Pornstar Experience the first time they come to Thailand.   

So after a wild dirty session in Bangkok, is it worth investing the time in having a Thai Girlfriend who can offer a rewarding Girlfriend Experience?

Absolutely yes!

Smart guys take time to learn about Thai Culture: Dos and Don'ts with Thai girls.

They party hard, smile, and keep trying to win the girl's heart.

And in the end, if she likes you, all your dreams can come true, especially with the beautiful sexy hot models at Bangkok's Best Gentleman's Club.

And if you can't find what you need, remember The Pimp Club is always here for you.

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